Friday, July 21, 2006


Comment moderation is no more! (See here for why I ever had it turned on in the first place.) You have no idea how much it was irritating me. For one thing, the foolish GUILT I felt for not always being able to put comments through immediately was overwhelming; one day I actually had the boyfriend monitor the inbox to make sure no one got hung up in the queue while I went to the store.

For another, I really think it inhibits discussion. I don't always comment at comment-moderated blogs myself, because I have no patience and the time delay annoys me. I have to figure I'm not the only person out there with that attitude.

But back to the guilt, about which I'm so not kidding: I left about 3 comments myself on this post in an attempt to explain to someone that I did not can his or her comments. For the record, I canned ONE comment during the period moderation was enabled, one I received from a Vox Day (just Google it) reader that was nothing, I mean nothing, but personal swipes at me. It was the sort of comment that on my old blog I'd have just edited to say something silly like "I eat manure for breakfast." I don't think this weblog really suffered any loss of integrity for that comment's disappearance.

If I have another incident of someone posting personal contact information in the comments, I'll have to turn moderation back on. I think--I hope--that we're past that for the moment.


margi said...

Blumpkins for everyone!!


No. A Yayayay! will suffice, yes?


ilyka said...

You are SO BAD. Hahaha!

Rob said...

Next time someone takes personal swipes at you, head butt him.

1bodyand2faces said...

Oops, I hadn't read the further comments to the post where I teed off. My sincere apologies; I severely overreacted.

ilyka said...

My sincere apologies; I severely overreacted.

Hey, no problem. I tend to assume the worst myself when my comments go missin'.