Monday, July 17, 2006

Where This Blog Has Been

Right here, of course--only, I couldn't post in it. Blogger locked it, said it was a spam blog. It was only just given the Not Spam designation today. Tedious.

Blogger's spam prevention robots likely objected to all the language (and the pn0r search link) in this post, and they locked me out of this blog until the site could be reviewed by a person.

That is what's new with me. What's new with you?


Ith said...

You spammer you!

Not much new to report, but I could make something up [g]

1bodyand2faces said...

Well, I'm glad you asked. What's new with me is, I posted a comment to a previous entry that apparently was so offensive that, not only was it rejected, but it made you delete the entire original post.

I assure you, I've read your comments guidelines, and followed them. The comment was completely complimentary, except for the part where I answered honestly (and civilly) about what I'd like to see less of around here.

If it is the mere positive mention of the word G*******n that gets a comment deleted -- and I'm entirely sincere that I can't imagine what else it would be -- then I would humbly request that you update the guidelines to reflect this.

ilyka said...

1bodyand2faces, I did approve your comment, swear. What I noticed upon reading this--

not only was it rejected, but it made you delete the entire original post.

--is that for some reason, the post "Feedback" is not showing up in the sidebar links to previous posts. I have no idea why, but, anyway, I certainly did not delete either it or your comment. Both can be viewed here.

I'm sorry for any confusion I've caused. Unfortunately, I'm clueless as to how this happened or how I can fix it. :(

ilyka said...

ACK! I spoke too soon: On viewing the post I see your comment has NOT appeared, even though I clicked "publish" from the Blogger notification email I received about it. When I try clicking "publish" again, however, it tells me "that comment has already been moderated."

You know what, I'll just paste it in as you if that's all right? I don't know how else to make it appear here.

ilyka said...

Okay, I see what the problem was: Blogger kicked 4 or 5 of my posts into DRAFT mode after they'd been published, with "Feedback" among them. Once I republished, voila! Your comment became visible.

John said...

While I was up late working on a presentation, the inside cat got out around midnight and I spent until 1:30 AM poking his growling, hissing ass with a rake handle to try to get him out of the bushes and into the carrier.

On the plus side, the pack of coyote / wolf hybrids in the woods out back didn't eat the cat before I noticed he was out, and the neighbor's cow has not shit in my yard recently.

ilyka said...

and the neighbor's cow has not shit in my yard recently

Well, then! I definitely don't have any animal news to top that, unless you count the scorpion my man claims he killed in the living room the other night; but I don't count it, because I've killed crickets that were bigger than that so-called scorpion.