Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spoiler Alert

The Titanic? It sinks.

UPDATE: We just watched The Departed a couple days ago. Had I but known this existed, I could have watched it instead, and I'd have those hours of my life back.

Guaranteed argument-starter: King Missile to the contrary, Martin Scorsese does NOT make the best fucking films. Discuss.


gennimcmahon said...

While I hold out that Casino was one of the best films ever, The Departed was horrible. I thought it was like watching Scorcese parodying Tarantino parodying Scorcese.

I refused to watch Titantic for the very reason that I already knew how it would end.

Are you also engaging in some subtle Leo Decaprio bashing, darling?

Lesley Plum said...

OMG, that guy with the glasses is awesome! All the Rocky Movies in 5 Seconds is my favorite so far.

Rob said...

The Departed wasn't all that bad but it's been done many times and better. True Romance comes to mind and that was a whole lot more fun. TD has no business whatsoever winning best picture. Scorcese doesn't do much for me. The critics and other directors always ooh and ahh over him like they do for Spike Lee and Woody Allen. There may be 5 watchable ones between the three of them and their 200 movies.

norbizness said...

Jean-Pierre Melville and Akira Kurosawa make the best fucking films.

I really enjoyed Kundun and the first half of Casino, but I haven't liked his CGI-era stuff. Rob may be a little harsh in his assessment, but Woody Allen and Spike Lee have the same post-1997 drought.

Medbh said...

I washed my hands of Scorcese once he picked Leo as his new leading man.
He sucks and he's a modelizer. His idea of acting is to glower and speak loudly.
I'm proud to say I've never seen "Titanic" and he absolutely ruined "Gangs of New York."
Whenever I look at his big bloated head I think of Baby Stewie.
That's mean, but there you have it.

Lesley Plum said...

Scorcese makes some very good films, but he doesn't only release winners by any means. I haven't seen "The Departed", so I can't say anything about it. I did think that "Goodfellas" was very good. "Raging Bull" was beautifully shot. I also haven't seen "Taxi Driver," so I can't comment on it either.

Why he felt the need to remake "Cape Fear" I do not understand. I like Deniro, but Mitchum was much better in the role. Deniro always seems crazy, which in that role diminished, IMO, the fear factor of the character. What made Mitchum so damn frightening was that he was so calm and cold-blooded. And while I generally wouldn't say that Gregory Peck was a great actor, when you want someone to play the really good guy, he's much better at that than Nick Nolte(???).

Leonardo Dicaprio sucks. I can't think of one thing I liked him in. I liked "What's Eating Gilbert Grape", but that was because of Johnny Depp. "Titanic" was horrible. I'm glad I didn't spend any actual money to see it.

Margalis said...

The Departed was better when it was called Infernal Affairs. (The HK movie it is a remake of)

Righteous Bubba said...

I saw The Departed without actually remembering that Martin Scorsese was involved - I'm a parent and all - until about halfway through when I started thinking "when is all that classic rock going to stop?" Oh right, Martin Scorsese.

I thought it was okay, although the editing was such that it was hard to figure out what in the first half-hour was worth retaining in memory. I gather that you may argue "nothing."

Clio Bluestocking said...

Yep. That about said it all (except they left out Martin Sheen's splat). Glad I wasn't the only one who didn't particularly like this one. That rat -- the literal one -- at the end was just too much for me, and I'm kind of a Scorcese fan. Goodfellas was better, if for no other reason than Lorraine Bracco's character was much much more interesting than the blond girl in this one.

I will say this in favor of Titanic. The dude died at the end. If they had lived "happily ever after" together, she never would have had as great a life. She would have started popping out the puppies and died of tb in a tenement before she was thirty.

magickitty said...

Scorsese.... eeeh. Whatever.

So I had a friend who worked at a video store who was trying to explain to a woman why Titanic was on two videotapes.

friend: "... so the first tape ends before the ship hits the iceberg--"
friend: (agape)

JackGoff said...

Well, I think Mark Wahlberg rocks. They should have had a bit in the 5 seconds run down where he's tearing Leo a new asshole at the beginning.

Bitey said...

Yeah, I like Wahlberg, too, but less so since I heard that he was "creeped out" when offered the role of Jack in Brokeback Mountain.

Meryl said...

Medbh, you've never seen What's Eating Gilbert Grape, have you?

DiCaprio is a very good actor. He just keeps picking crappy movies.

belledame222 said...

oh damn you! damn you damn you! *bursts into tears* you've RUINED it