Friday, March 23, 2007

People Who Are NOT Helping Me Get Any Work Done

You! And you! With your freak love! I just typed that a patient was a "59-year-old freakazoid," damn you!

I'll show you freak love!

UPDATE: Tell 'em what I am!

That . . . that is . . . that is A LOT of 80s hair. Damn.

Time for something smoother.


Which is just another way of saying you're all getting a couple Morris Day & The Time videos.

Viewers are hereby instructed to boggle at the band's introduction by George Steinbrenner (television is so weird sometimes), giggle at the way Morris works George into a joke mid-song, and, if so inclined, drool a little (or even a lot) over Jesse Johnson.

But the most important thing to do here is stick with it to the very end, when Jerome does the splits perfectly while wearing a three-piece suit.

Can you do that? I know I can't do that.

The Time could use better representation on the ol' YouTube. For example: While there are three live versions of 777-9311 available, sadly, two of them kind of suck. This is the one that does not suck:

Vaguely Time-related aside: If anyone ever sees "Can You Help Me?" by Jesse Johnson's Revue pop up on YouTube, holler at me. (For now you can hear it here by clicking the "Old School Wednesday" link. Disable pop-up blocking and scroll to track 9.)

OBVIOUS OBSERVATION OF THE YEAR AWARD: Well, duh, missy! I suppose the better thing for me to do would be to clutch desperately at the last remaining shreds of my hipster cred* by posting a Beck video? See, I thought not.

*Technically, this swipe at Roxanne fails on the grounds that I have never had any hipster cred to retain.


nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez said...

YEAH!!!!!! that's what i'm saying. unh.

Chris Clarke said...

"59-year-old freakazoid,"

Ask her if she remembers me.

Sifu Tweety said...

Egypt, Egypt!

Mother to us all.

The ultimate Egyptian Lover track, of course, is "A Strange Place (The Alezby Inn)"

Thin Black Duke said...

Truth be told, I was hoping for a Morris Day and the Time marathon, but damn, this is off the hook!

norbizness said...

Sorry if I tapped into the freak-conscious with the Whodini video.

Well, as the Wicked Witch of the West once said: "Have some GAP BAND, Scarecrow!"

Eye bleach and screwdrivers at my place!

Thin Black Duke said...

Awwww Yeah! Ilyka, you are my hero.

drool a little (or even a lot) over Jesse Johnson.

Jesse now owes me a new keyboard.

when Jerome does the splits perfectly while wearing a three-piece suit.

I just ripped my third pair of suit pants. Jerome, my tailor thanks you.

jolt said...

See, if they'd played this on Saturday night, I wouldn't have been complaining:

sorry, can't seem to get the link to insert properly