Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I Am Tired of my Youth Coming Back to Haunt Me

In the course of researching an entirely different post, a post in which I lead off with an almost irrelevant tangent (so I should say, in the course of researching my irrelevant tangent) I ran across Google images of an old classmate of mine from Joaquin Miller Junior High School, Cupertino School District, 1980-1981.

He is an actor now, fairly famous, and I used to sit catty-corner from him in seventh grade graphic arts, and I hated him, skin to bone and back on up again. No role I have seen him in since, no interview I have read of his, has done a whole lot to change my mind about my initial preteen character assessment of him.

Fuck you, Sharon Beckhart. You were cute, but there were cuter in your peer group who were neither assholes nor rank anti-Semites.

Not like you.

UPDATE: This is what I was working on. It's garnering fairly good discussion, although of course there's a troll. There's always a troll, isn't there?