Friday, March 23, 2007

Dear Jackass Commenters Who Use Various Fake Email Addresses at a Certain Blog

I am SO TIRED of rescuing you from the moderation queue or the near-certain-death spam queue because you could not decide which fake email address was the best to use at the time. Did you know switching it around trips the spam filter on most blogs? Well, you do NOW.

Email me, and I will send you one of my 90-something Gmail invites still remaining, and you can use that address strictly to comment, and then never check it for any other purpose. I'm talking to YOU, Phoenician in a Time of Romans; "" or "xxx@yyy.zzz" were marginally clever email addresses in 2000, but we have since moved the fuck on, son.


Seriously? From now on I delete your precious comments, until or unless Amanda issues me a sharp reprimand for doing so, because in addition to tripping the Pandagon spam filter, you are tripping my nerd filter, and that's worse. Playing games with the spam filters because you're a privacy freak (and I say this as a confirmed privacy freak myself) is stupid; that is, mailinator exists for a reason.

Incidentally, I still consider you a rape apologist, and fuck your safe word. So I am not inclined to be merciful, you irritating dumbass.


Amanda said...

I'd add that our software does not use the email addresses in any way, and we certainly don't sell them.

nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez said...

don't you hate that?

the bewilderness said...

Cripes, I remember that thread and how creepy PiaToR was in it. Not just that he felt entitled to share his opinion without bothering to read the item, but that a woman, tied up and screaming in pain, didn't do enough to make her assaulter stop so it wasn't his fault that he couldn't figure out that she wanted him to stop assaulting her. Argh.

E.L. Walsh said...

Yee Godz, how did I miss that one?

Somebody please tell me "Phoenician in a Time of Romans", "JDCasteliero", and "Gina" are all the same person! I'd like to believe there aren't so many rape apologists in this world that three of them could find the same Pandagon thread at the same time.

Or at least, I'd like to try believing that.

Jamie said...

Heh. Infamous hreads live a long time on the internets.

Jamie said...


Chris Clarke said...

I finally read that safeword thread.

Jesus Fuck.

Yeah, I don't think I'll be aggravating my RSI to save PiatoR from the spambin any more.

arielladrake said...

I'm in the same boat as chris. I didn't really get that far in the comment thread to that post. just ... what the shit.

Auguste said...

Yeah, so the other day I was going to e-mail PiatoR to deliver just this message, but for some reason the e-mails kept bouncing back at me. It kept me up all night, man.