Monday, January 07, 2008

How Many?

Too many to count.

You know, it isn't true that privilege and entitlement don't lead to mistakes, or at least it isn't true for me. They lead to my making mistakes all the TIME.

For example, I thought that if people would just make honest attempts to link to each other and engage with each other, everything would be okay--because that's how it works out for my privileged, entitled ass 99% of the time. But that was a mistake, and I see now a clarification is in order:

If when you read "linking to and quoting" you wind up doing "cherry-picking, appropriating, and reframing;" and if when you read "engaging in dialogue with" you wind up doing "what about the white ladies, don't you think you're being unfair to us? WHAT ABOUT OUR MOVEMENT?"--just don't.

It's the equivalent (and bless you R. Mildred for nailing this) of having a bunch of certified Nice Guys decide to "link to" and "engage" feminists, just to whine about all that pussy in lockdown they aren't getting. Well, whine about while simultaneously scorning and rejecting as not good enough, because after all, a Nice Guy doesn't want that stank feminist pussy, he wants Hott Gurl pussy; but it's the feminists fault that he isn't getting any of that, so it's the feminists at whom he whines the most.

I see no parallels to the present situation at all, but that's only because I've had myself blinded in order to preserve my sanity. Thank heavens I touch-type! I hope this is legible for y'all!

Anyway, that kind of engagement doesn't help--and that's putting it way too mildly.

But hey, at least it's civil and that's what matters around here, or so I am told. Now give me my motherfucking civility award.


Magniloquence said...

*hands Ilyka a shiny (and Very Sharp) titanium star with the word CIVILITY embossed in industrial cutting diamonds*

Here ya go. Watch the edges now. Oh, and it's got no back, so you have to hold it by the blades... I mean "rays." And, um, watch where you're bleeding. I just washed the floor.

the bewilderness said...

Here's a cookie, a hug, and a bandage.
Stay shrill.