Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Despite my (I believe excellent) advice to TAKE STUPID PETTY INFIGHTING TO EMAIL, some people with Jell-O for brains are just determined to keep raging. As long as this blog exists, that's going to be the case, at least until some new feud develops.

Further, every time I post in my own defense, I'M going to be the one accused of "keeping it going."

Neat trick, that.

So here's the deal: Grab whatever you want from here, and you've got roughly 36 hours in which to do it. After that time, I'll either lock this blog down to be private, restricting access to authors only, or pull it completely. But this blog's status as a certified shit magnet cannot continue.

I'm sorry, folks. Thanks for all your kind words and understanding.

UPDATE: Okay. Enough people have complained at me (in the best possible way, I mean; I could use more complaining of this sort) that I think what I'll do is just restrict access to invite-only. Email me if you'd like that, and I can set you up. Yeah, you'll have a stupid login page to go through first, but I can't help that. And of course, keep in mind that I don't plan to update. At least this way, though, if you need something out of the archives it's available to you and you don't have to waste your hard drive space storing it.

My rule on reposting anything from the archives is that there are no rules. Hell, say you wrote it if you want, although with things as they are at the moment, I can't in good conscience recommend that particular course of action, unless you enjoy being characterized as a wingnut cum dumpster. In that case, I note only that it takes all kinds to make a world, so knock yourself out.

My contact information is available on my Blogspot profile page, which you can access through the link at the left there, in the sidebar under "Contributors."

Thanks again to those of you who win at life forever.