Saturday, May 12, 2007

YouTube Cheers Me Up

I don't want to hear any complaining, and I for damn sure do not want to hear any "calling out" regarding the "problematic nature" of some of Rock's "questionable statements." Dear I'm-Calling-You-Out Enthusiasts Everywhere: Here is fifty cents; go call yourself out. Real entertaining, listening to your busybody knowitall shit come burbling down the line, isn't it? So, you see.

Readers with further questions on the matter are hereby directed O'Malley-ward. And also from Sheila, because I love it so:

And now - a small tangent about my blog: One of the issues I have with the way some people comment on blogs - not all - SOME (especially those who spend most of their time reading political blogs, and then come to visit me ... they bring that judgey rigid tone HERE - it's like that's the only way they know how to speak, even though I'm posting about Mae West and not the Republican fucking debates - but still, it doesn't matter: they are in the habit of being positional, judgmental, and rigid - where I am so not interested in having that type of black and white conversation - even if I DID post about politics - that tone ruins everything. I don't read blogs who have that tone, and I don't want that spill-over here)

To be fair, people who are consistently judgey and rigid don't last long here. I don't tolerate it, because it ruins my fun. But still: it happens on occasion. Anyway - one of the issues I have with that kind of commenter is that it makes for a boring conversation. It's too positional. As in: Richard Bach = BAD. And people who love Richard Bach = STUPID.

And that misses my point. I'm not interested in having a political-type audience, who can only take positions on things, who are only in opposition, etc. Whose main attitude appears to be: "What in the hell is wrong with everybody else except me?? Why can't everybody be as smart as I am??" You know the type. Yawn. Also: it seems to be that that type of attitude is geared towards ENDING conversation, rather than continuing it. I'm all about the talk, and the conversation. Even with strong opinions - it is a hope of mine that we can still continue to TALK about things. But "what is wrong with everyone? Such and such is BAD and that's final" is not intelligent, and not a continuation of anything. No place for that here.

No place for that here. Especially--oh, ESPECIALLY--if anyone wants to tell me that what I post about is not "compatible with Pandagon." Hello, illiterate motherfucker! This ain't Pandagon.

That means sometimes you are going to get a post that does not call Ayn Rand the worst writer EVAR!!1! I am a mix of a whole lot of things I have read or heard or seen that don't necessarily go, that are not necessarily compatible, with a whole lot of other things I have read or heard or seen, etc. I like this about myself. I like being a tangled-up mess. It is not my job to tidy up this virtual space for you. Accept the messy or fuck off.

Keep it up, and I'm going to start posting about my conversion to Catholicism. We'd all love that, wouldn't we? See, that's what I thought.


KMTBERRY said...

HI LAR I OUS !!!!!!!

I was at work slinging hash, so I missed SNL tonight. That was KILLER!

Andrew said...

I enjoyed reading about Ayn Rand from a different viewpoint, and I'm quite interested by the idea of a post about conversion to Catholicism.

ilyka said...

I was at work slinging hash, so I missed SNL tonight.

I was at work typing doctors, so I missed it too--YouTube says it was posted there by NBC about a month ago.

"What are you bitches waiting for?" cracks me up, even though the obvious answer in this case is, "A candidate who is not Hillary."

Andrew, thank you. I have to cop to something: This post is guilty of the high crime of Dooce-ism. Back when I didn't have a blog and even through to when I did have one, at first, I used to get so annoyed, because even though Dooce gets like 80 million positive emails, periodically she'll devote an entire post to complaining about the few bad emails she gets. And I always thought, "Those are the exception. Can't you focus on the positive? When's the last time you thanked all the people who send you gifts and money and letters of support?"

I don't have near her traffic, to vastly understate the situation, but what I've since learned is, those one or two bad comments or emails manage to outweigh the good ones if you let them. The trick is not to let them. But I find the only way I can not let them is to vent about them periodically. I can't stew on 'em.

I hate myself a little for doing it, though, because I don't want to come off like, "You 99% of commenters who are interesting and smarter than I am and fun to talk to, you don't matter." Y'all DO matter. You make keeping a blog big fun times. And I should know better at this age than to give into self-pity and act like the not-so-great commenters have the power to undo that. They don't.

Chris said...

Wow, fifty cents! Thanks!

Kai said...

Damn, this knocked me over Ilyka, thanks!