Thursday, February 15, 2007

I Need Advice

What the hell should I do with this blog?

It's like this: A couple months or so ago, I started getting back into politics here and there in my posts. That was great and all, but now I've got this Pandagon thing and my inclination is to leave the silly and/or personal stuff here, save the issues stuff for there.

But then the Edwards thing blew up, and I'm realizing, I'm not going to be able to play it that way, after all. Anyone I piss off at Pandagon is just going to follow me here.

On top of that, I have legacy trolls already--people who are pissed off that I don't agree with them so much anymore. I have never quite figured out why that's so enraging to some people, but clearly, it is. I guess everyone needs a hobby. What that means for me is, I need better bannination capabilities. I'm just not willing to put up with someone, some hypothetical troll, some imaginary skunk who could be named anything, perhaps even "Marlene Dick," or "Seth Weaver," leaving her tapeworm-segment-studded skid marks all over the comments just because OH HEAVENS, I'M A COMMUNIST NOW.

Do you know what I had for breakfast this morning, by the way? Poached embryos on English muffins. They were delicious. Next time I'm going to try them in a little hollandaise, which I will also make, naturally, out of human embryos.

Where was I?

Right! See, with Blogger, I can either manually delete trolling comments after they've already appeared (and usually, thanks to my wack schedule, after they've already been responded to by a few of y'all--thanks for that, btw), or I can put EVERYONE on moderation. You know how I feel about that last option.

So I said a long, long time ago I planned to use Blogger only temporarily, but, you know, I'm lazy, and then the Blogger beta came out and I kind of liked it, and again, I can't say it often enough, I'm lazy. But I'm thinking now's the time to get off my ass and go shopping for hosting plans. I'm getting pretty fond of that Wordpress from using it at Feministe and Pandagon.

If I do that, though, no more eponymous blog--"Ilyka Damen" has outlived its usefulness, though not its stupidity (never, never that). I would like, if she'd be cool with this, something collaborative with Genni. You know what? She's the artist. I should ask HER to name it, right?

My goodness, I'm an idiot.

So that's what I'm thinking, I guess. Tentatively, you know, how I do.

Any suggestions? Complaints? Ideas? Shoulder shrugs?


Rob said...

Whatever you do, keep me posted. I like all of it. I may not always join in but I read it all. One wit Genni sounds like a blast. Cats and sunsets just fine by me.

gennimcmahon said...

Darling, I'm blushing and honored...say the word, I'm your gal. Of course, after spending the past four hours trapped backstage with 140 high schoolers, I'm all out of creative juice. I'll start thinking all smart and shit tomorrow, I promise....

Meryl Yourish said...

You do realize that no matter where you go, your most industrious trolls will find you.

It's not like I'm not going to link you and then forget that I'm not supposed to say "The blogger formerly known as Ilyka said...."


Rob said...

"Industrious troll"

Almost redundant redundant, isn't it?

elyzabethe said...

scrambling up the embryos with eggs before you put them on the engilsh muffin is good, too. ;-)

Helen said...

You leave, we folow.

I'm all about the lemming behavior, darling.

Also? Never used poached embryo for hollandaise, it just doesn't fluff nicely. I think-based on the flak you get here-it would have to be more like a donkey testicle sautee. I'm just saying.

belledame222 said...

ew, hollandaise.

anyhoo i dunno, but if and when you figure out where to transfer and how to go about it, let us know.

signed, fellow lazy luddite who's fucking tired of blogger but is still mostly just bitching about it on account of the lazy luddite thing.

Anonymous said...

You know, one nice thing about Wordpress is that you can both see and block ISPs.

Just sayin'.


ScottM said...

Sounds like an interesting next step... but letting your fans follow without informing the trolls does sound difficult. (Or maybe you're fine with trolls following, just not being able to comment?)

ilyka said...

What I'm thinking, Scott, is that they'll probably be less interested in commenting on something that isn't overtly political. But, no, you never shoo 'em away entirely.

Heraclitus said...

Well, the laziest option would be just to stay here and utilize the "no comments" feature. Or does it have be "utilized"? If so, awkward passive voice construction to make it more painful -- You could just stay here and see that the "no comment" feature was utilized.

Seriously, though, I don't know very much about blogging software. But if you really feel like you're having a problem with trolls but still want comments and don't mind paying for something, an option where you can see and ban ISPs, like zuzu said, might be the way to go.

belledame222 said...

personally i've found thus far just deleting the fuckers immediately (or as near as possible) without responding makes 'em get bored and go away. then again, you're a lot higher profile now, so...dunno.

Dr. Alice said...

I don't have any useful advice, I'm afraid, except that I really hate Blogger beta (I use it too), and yep, I'm also too lazy to switch. Plus it's free. But my blog is much lower profile than yours.

Re: trolls, I have found that creatively editing their posts so that they agree with you is rather helpful.