Tuesday, January 09, 2007

If You Are All Very, Very Good

. . . you will get a guest-blogger today. And maybe the next! Who knows? But you have to behave. No nonsense!

Genni comments here fairly regularly. She and I were emailing about the controversial Ashley treatment, and she (what nerve) didn't agree with me. But I really loved the way she disagreed with me and I thought what she had to say deserved a wider audience than just me.

If all goes well she'll have her thoughts on the matter up sometime today. I do hope you'll all welcome her regardless of your positions on the matter.

(Also, if Gower shows up, please promise me that you will all leave a comment to the effect of "Shut up, Gower." I'd get a kick out of that. I like my official troll, but I don't want him bothering my guests.)

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