Sunday, January 07, 2007

Far As I'm Concerned, He Can Do This Every Day

So pay attention, because this has been breaking me up all day:

Renowned ladykillah Vox Day linked me yesterday.

"Wait!" you object, "I didn't notice the comments here being any more full of stupid than usual?!?" Well, way to insult yourself, regular commenter, say I for one; but for two, it's because he didn't link THIS blog. He linked my OLD blog. Specifically, he linked--

[hold on a sec; something in my eye]

--a post from March 2006. "March," as in, that month we're only a couple months away from? DATELINE: INTERNET TUBES, MARCH 2006. Oh yeah, someone needs to give this man a newspaper to manage immediately. Dude knows from timely.

Death to the mainstream media, by the way.

So here's the thing: I don't update that blog anymore, but I've still got Sitemeter code all over the hell of it, and I can't delete that code because one night in a drunken fit, I deleted the Movable Type interface to the blog--meaning, the pages are still up but I have, so far's I know, no way to edit any of them.

This means I still get hits off the old blog, even though I often wish I wouldn't, because a lot of that blog is embarrassing to me, including (in fairness to the best haircut ever) the post VD linked. I have never been happy with that one, if you want to know. It's sappier than my usual, which I could forgive if it WENT anywhere. But it doesn't go anywhere. It just sort of stumbles around drunk and hugging people a lot. That post loves people, man, but I'm not sure I love that post back, if that makes any sense. I'm not even sure that post and I can just be friends. Really, I'm thinking that post needs a Listerine rinse and some coffee, or maybe a short nap and then some coffee. And someone needs to take away its keys before it does something horrible that can't be undone.

Anyhow! What it amounts to is this:

* My hit count goes up (there are an awful lot of sad dudes reading La Vox);
* the Vox Day community cannot comment on the post in question, seeing as how comments have long since been closed; and
* I didn't have to do shit.

An ethical dilemma, then: How wrong would it be for me to invite a male-sounding pseudonym to GMail, then use that invited address to tip the dumbass off to my dead blog periodically? There is certainly no shortage of stupid there, and what's the harm? Look! I'm thinking:

To: Vox Day
Subject: Fuckin CUNT

Hey Vox! is it just me, or this bitch retarded?

Go on: Tell me why I shouldn't do that. And hurry, because I've already got a half-dozen emails drafted.


belledame222 said...

hey, i just linked an Alas post from 2004. otoh i doubt that he's distanced himself from that one at this point.

ilyka said...

Oh, I know. I link old posts all the time myself (that one from the Poorman, the first link in this post, is hardly hot off the presses), but I don't act like they're breaking! exclusive! when I do it.

I also don't get people emailing me to request I pronounce on other people's stale old work, you know? No one ever goes "hey ilyka, i found this post by dooce from May 2004 that i think smellz, what do u think?"

And perhaps no one ever does it to Vox, either, and this is just how he chooses to spend his time on Earthj: Answering imaginary mails from an imaginary mailbag.

ilyka said...

Earth. Earthj is in some other comic book universe, I think. Cripes, Blogger, give us an editing function already.