Saturday, November 04, 2006

You Title It

It's not that I have anything to say, so much as it is that I miss this place. In fact, here are my vain-as-hell Top Five Things I Love About My Home Sweet Blog:

1. Raging Moderate does not comment here: This is a guy I go 'round and 'round with at Feministe, and while he is unfailingly polite and courteous, as is the Canadian way, he also drives me up a fucking wall, to tell you the truth. Of course I realize he could well click over here and find me saying that, but I'll betcha I drive him up a wall, too. So I say we're even.

2. Sigivald sometimes comments here: I love Sigivald for reminding me that the girl in this picture lacks denim. And for other things, like generating a wealth of great responses here. Sigivald is good people. He does not drive me up a fucking wall.

3. New Mexico people comment here. You know who you are! I am not naming you because I am respecting always your privacy! (But you have to tell me if you get blogs. We'll start a ring or something.)

4. I know this will sound crazy, but I'm kind of fond of ol' Blogger. It's the AOL of blogging platforms, I know, but I'm getting old, I've always been lazy, and this beta is tons better than the old Blogger. No more "Republish." No more "permalinks don't work, so scroll down to the post titled . . . ." No more (well, not as much) "Blogger is down." This beta, the only faults I find have to do with commenting, where if you comment, it sometimes displays the wrong name based on your Gmail account or something. That's evil, but let's be honest: It affects you, not me.

5. Maybe it's the smallness and the coziness of this environment, but people cut me a fuckin' break here. Too often, probably. But thank you. Thank you for cutting me a fuckin' break once in awhile, even when I say something stupid. Or have nothing of consequence to say in the first place.


Auguste said...

Okay, something weird is going on. In the third dimension of that personality test I got "love."

I'm much more mercenary than that, thank you very much.

gennimcmahon said...

Your local fan club holds up a Negro Modelo in your honor and pours it down after sizzling green chile enchiladas (with an egg, over easy, and sour cream) and in anticipation of sopapillas and honey. I also am delighted you posted SOMETHING, ANYTHING, cause I was getting really lonely for new material...You're making me think I should be a blogger too, but I'd have to give up sleep or using the bathroom in order to find the time. Salud!

belledame222 said...

so, the beta is working out for you after all then? i'm debating whether to make the switch. i mean, it's certainly more likely to happen more quickly than me actually jumping to wordpress or own domain any time soon. i just don't want that weirdass thing where regular commenters suddenly start turning up anonymous to happen. is that still a problem for you?

Sigivald said...

See, now I feel special.

Ron O. said...

Title: "You Figure it Out"

Tagline: "Thoughts of an anonymous vagabond, feminist who fails to clean her house on saturdays (and other moral failings.)"

By the way to hate putting periods inside of parenthesis when they punctuate the sentence rather than the remark? Gregg's tells me it is standard for American English, but it is just so wrong.