Friday, October 27, 2006

And Now for Catblogging

1. Yes, he is really that size.

2. Yes, I know he is overweight.

3. Yes, I think his weight contributed to his development of diabetes two years ago.

4. Yes, I have tried your favorite brand of weight-management cat food.

5. No, it did not lead to any loss of weight. He just ate twice as much of it when I free-fed and howled at me all day long when I tried scheduling and portioning his meals.

6. No, I have not tried BARF.

7. Because it's a little out of my price range, ya fuckin' yuppie.

8. He's like 13 years old, you know. Get off his chubby senior citizen ass already.

9. No, we don't use the loveseat a whole lot at my house.

10. Yes, people who do pet-owner drivebys DO suck.


JD said...

The great part is, Sally looks so incredibly freakin' tiny in comparison . . . and I know she's really not.

Chris Clarke said...

Extra household ballast for tornado season! I'm totally down with that.

ilyka said...

All 27 pounds of it, yeah.

Elayne said...

Well, I think he's gorgeous. I think they both are, in fact.

People who butt in to give weight loss tips to people are bad enough, but for pets? Gad, the very idea of it is obnoxious beyond belief.

jenh said...


I live in Las Cruces too, just a few miles from Veteran's Park. Just wanted to say hello and that I like your pictures. I found your blog through Everyday Stranger but didn't know you lived in Las Cruces until I saw your pictures and thought, wow, that looks awfully familiar... (don't worry, I don't think I know you)

Anonymous said...

Did somebody say obnoxious?

The fat-loathing J-Pimp, cat-sitting for a friend, shrieks with delight at the cat owner's strict feeding instructions.

JD said...

(Oops, that was me.)

ilyka said...

Holy crumb, Jen, you and another commenter! It is as if we are starting to have a posse of locals around here.

Meryl Yourish said...

I've decided that Tig is going on a diet. I'm going to seriously deplete the amount of dry food available while I'm at work. I doubt I'll do that at night. I need my sleep.

Anonymous said...

I recently discovered that dry cat food is really frickin' high in carbohydrates, which is not what my cats really need. I spent a year feeding my girls measured portions of light dry food and even taking up the dog food while I was gone, and they gained weight. I've switched to canned (with at least 10% protein content), and while I hate the can aspect and the stank, they do seem to be slimming down a bit.


margi said...

Awww, he's adorable! And I really rilly wanna move back to my stomping grounds. So much so, I even looked at home listings online for the Mesilla Valley/LC area.

Tell me I'm not crazy.

Okay, yeah. I miss my Mommies. That's part of it. Hatch chile and Presidio melons have NOTHING to do with it.


Deborah said...

The fucking thing is, every one of those drive-by comments are commonly directed at overweight humans, too.

Kenneth Walsh said...

So cute! And he looks normal to me.