Thursday, September 14, 2006


I have been coding all day, and so it is with much ignorance and even more trepidation that I now ask: Is there perchance a FLAME WAR going on somewhere around here? Maybe in the comments to, oh, I don't know, a little post I did up recently about ANGER?

Yeah, who could have seen that coming? I mean really.

I haven't been actually reading the comments (I suspect a flame war only because there are suddenly so many of them), because as scintillating as I'm sure everyone's remarks were, they had nothing to do with getting my program to work, see. Speaking of which, I do hope you're all being relatively decent to each other because otherwise guess what I am going to tell you ALL ABOUT? In GREAT AND BORING DETAIL?

Yes, I thought that might do it.


Gower said...

By coding you mean cooking right?

I mean since you're still using the basic blogger template and can't even manage to remove the navbar, coding might be a little too tough for you

ilyka said...

I mean since you're still using the basic blogger template and can't even manage to remove the navbar

You are assuming, Gower, that I want to do either of those things. I like a plain-Jane no-frills blog. Most unfeminine, but I'm just not into weather pixies and what have you.

As for cooking, when I do that I sometimes take pictures of the results. Let me know if you have any requests.

Gower said...

Minima is a plain jane no frills template. This is vaugely girly and very popular with 19 year old Taiwanese girls pretty much.

It says, "I like the girly stuff but I'm too lazy to actually personalize my blog."

Requests, how about crow?

ilyka said...

It says, "I like the girly stuff but I'm too lazy to actually personalize my blog."

But, Gower, I AM too lazy to personalize my blog. I only mention how lazy I am roughly every other post.

Besides, look what happened the last time I personalized my blog. Is that the kind of lavender nightmare you want to bring down on everyone's heads here? Wait, never mind, I think I have my answer.

how about crow?

Will you EAT it? I ain't gonna fix it unless you promise to eat it. I am very against the deliberate wasting of food.

ilyka said...

Incidentally, I am not kidding about the lazy; if you go back to the June--JUNE--archives, you'll see I originally intended to use this url temporarily until I could set me up a Wordpress blog. Well, here it is September, etc. So you see.

belledame222 said...

We're mostly talking about pressing flowers, embroidery, girlie shit like that, you know.

there're just a lot of posts because, well, girlie shit is really exciting.

sorry. i do get carried away, with the excitement, sometimes.

May I offer you some chamomile tea? Petit four?

JackGoff said...

This is vaugely girly

Comment that rips this person's misogyny to shreds which I am writing as a metacomment so as to not start a flame war.

John said...

I, for one, want to hear about the coding. I'm sure MS wouldn't mind either.

Gower, Voice of Reason said...

Oh just embrace your feminity, what there is of it. Lavender, pink, whatever it might be.

And in the time you took to answer me, you could have it already.

Gower, Voice of Reason said...

Don't strain yourself too hard commenting, Jackie. You might pull something.


JackGoff said...

Meh. Typing isn't hard, nor is seeing your glaring misogyny, so nothing was strained in the creation of my metacomment.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there seems to be an awful lot of Tourette-like chair throwing going on down below.


Gower, Voice of Reason said...

Glad the commenting didn't take too much out of you. Here's a gold star.

Moebius Stripper said...

I, for one, want to hear about the coding. I'm sure MS wouldn't mind either.

Yeah, I was gonna say. So should I contribute the the flamewar if I want to hear about your code? Because I'm sure I could summon up some choice words for the pinkos, antisemites, wingnuts, and bitches who regularly go at it in your comments.

ilyka said...

Okay. Basically it was a dirt simple piece of work that I shoulda had done Tuesday (it was due today; I turned it in last night). And in fact I DID have it done Tuesday, but then I just wouldn't leave it alone.

We were supposed to write a program to recognize a legal constant in this language my professor did up that is basically a subset of C. The constants it would recognize were a subset of the legal C constants: Any integers except in octal, signed or unsigned, so, say, +23 is legal, -0xAF is legal, but ++235 is no good, etc. Decimal and hexadecimal numbers, in other words. Say, do you think he's going to use this as a jumping-off point for when we write a tokenizer? I think you're right!

Anyway the simplest way to do it is with a 2d array with numrows equal to the number of possible states--last week we did the finite state machine for exactly this problem--and numcols equal to the number of ASCII characters which is of course 256. And then all you store in the array are the transition function results, the new states, engendered by [currentstate][inputchar], so that if you were reading a string "-23," for example, you'd start with state = STARTSTATE and do

state = T[state]['-']

and state would equal SIGNED (I used an enumerated type for these), and then

state = T[state][2]

and now state would be DECIMAL, etc. And of course if someone put in anything goofy, like the letter 's' or something, it'd look that up and find state FAIL.

But, and this is where I got too cute, it really annoyed me that I had a 5 x 256 array hanging around when I was really only interested in 26 characters (case sensitive; 19 if I'd forced case insensitivity when handling input; I didn't because I hate handling input).

So then I did up a btree search function to determine whether the input character was in the "alphabet," where of course the alphabet was limited to +, -, 0-9, A-F, X, a-f, x. I figured binary searching a 1 x 26 array added almost nothing in overhead--bsearch runs in, what, Ologn?--and it meant I could blow up that 5 x 256 array and replace it with a 5 x 26 array instead.

The final algorithm amounted to:

1. Get a character.
2. Look it up in the (1 x 26) alphabet array.
3. If found, use that index to read from the 5 x 26 array, i.e. T[state][index], to get the new state.
4. Otherwise tell the user to quit wasting my damn time.

But I don't know what the professor will think of these shenanigans. He may be all "What the hell woman you could have just used a 5 x 256 array and had NO search overhead." And of course he would be 100% right. Well, we'll see.

John said...

"Because I'm sure I could summon up some choice words for the pinkos, antisemites, wingnuts, and bitches who regularly go at it in your comments."

Yeah, me too, but we could also be original and bring back the bacon war from Meep's LJ to this one. I'm up for some good-natured vegan-ribbing (pun intended) ;-)

Auguste said...

You know how she customizes her blog, gower? By writing good, original shit. That's custom. For a contrast, see: Your comments, especially on the previous thread.

But you can write CSS! Goody!

belledame222 said...

Eh, you're just saying that because you're a pinko wingnut.

and I am Marie of Romania.

on alternate Thursdays, anyway.

Gower, Voice of Reason said...

Writing 'good original shit?' Auggie?

By writing 'original shit' you really mean commenting on comments in her blog, linking to blogs and embedding youtube videos and writing posts like the one you're replying to bitching about stuff.

Very 'great original shit'

Or just plain 'shit'

You decide.

ilyka said...

Or just plain 'shit'

In light of this, and of the fact that I have received OVER A DOZEN comments from you today, I think now might be a good time to mention that reading my blog is not compulsory, anywhere, ever.

Don't let the door hit you, etc. I've been mighty gracious to your trolly ass so far, but enough is enough. Step.