Saturday, July 15, 2006


Via Sheila--faces I love. I'm going to have to do at least two three of these, because once I got started hunting up image files, I had a hard time stopping.

If you don't know who it is you're looking at, either mouse over the image file or leave a comment and just ask.


red said...

Man - that photo of James Dean is intense. I love it. Look at those eyes.

ilyka said...

I know! We've been on a James Dean kick here this last month. We've watched Giant and Rebel Without a Cause (which the boyfriend had never seen--so funny, because he started out all "this is cheesy" but it hooked him by the end, I KNEW it would) and sometime soon in the queue is East of Eden, my favorite. I can't wait.

I know the thing people always say is how tragic it is that he didn't live longer, that we have so little of him. But watching him, I always think the really big tragedy would be if no one had ever thought to point a camera at the guy. What if all that charisma and intensity hadn't been preserved? But that's so difficult to imagine--He was definitely one of those all-capital-letters STARS.