Friday, July 21, 2006

Vanity Kills

Random topic generated by a conversation with the boyfriend today:

Have you ever had someone tell you you're so funny, LOL and ROFL and so on, and right as you're starting to bask in it, right as a Grease chorus starts belting out "Tell me more, tell me more" in your mind, that person switches to telling you about someone else who's so funny, LOL ROFL--except, that someone else happens to be someone you don't find funny at all? I don't mean like, you're outraged by them, or they're just not in line with your particular comic sensibilities--I mean like, to you, this someone else is simply not funny, not ever, not even a little bit, not even accidentally. That someone else has never been even six blocks south of funny. Maybe that someone else is, in fact, your personal definition of the opposite of funny. The Unfunny. The Laughslayer. The Comedy Antichrist.

And then it hits you: "Wait a minute--maybe that means I'm not funny either, because clearly my friend here has no taste in comedy."

Substitute someone telling you you're a good dresser and then, I don't know, raving about Chloe Sevigny in the next breath, if you prefer. But you know what I mean? You know what general phenomenon I'm talking about?

What the hell do you do when that happens? Besides cry.

(NOTE: Don't nobody get paranoid--this is not anything recent. The man and I were just reminiscing.)


margi said...

Poor lil' Chloe, God love her. I really, honestly have come to believe that that child MUST not own a mirror.

And her taste is all in her mouth.

Bless her heart.

ilyka said...

And her taste is all in her mouth

MRS. Lowry! WHAT has gotten into-you today? I am perfectly horrified. Why, I--wait, you mean you're not talking about this?


Never mind.

margi said...

Aheh. I meant both, of course.

It was a play on words, yasee. I'm sorry if I offended. *g*

mkfreeberg said...

I just assumed she was talking about Ms. Sevigny having her own category on that funny clothes website. But okay, it's a matter of perspective.

As a guy, I see nothing wrong with that other thing.