Friday, January 18, 2008

Google Can Stop Casting my Age up to me Any Time Now

Search term: "lionel ritchie song i had a dream i had an awful dream."

No, no, no! AweSOME. He had an AWESOME dream. I had to hear about that awesome dream at least 50 million times as a teenager, via the radio or MTV, so I can see how "awesome" became "awful," because you know something?--It kind of was.

And yet I still like the damn song, even though it is pretty wretched. Let's have the Lionel I prefer for an antidote, huh?

Nothing wrong with short shorts. Those can make a comeback any time.


Anonymous said...

You know, I actually had a dream about Lionel Ritchie one time. It was set in Disneyworld, where they would only let one music artist perform, and that was Lionel Ritchie. People knew not to fuck with Disneyworld, because if any other bands tried to set up, the Disney gestapo would throw them out. I'm not making this up.

Rob said...

FWIW, I blame Lionel Ritchie for overuse of the word "awesome".

R. Mildred said...

Pfft! It's all about the Bony M man, it's not hip if it doesn't sound like the sound track from an early Jackie Chan chopsocky flick - but with googleplex% more stuttering.

except for, hellooo, that one where he's totally stalking that blind chick, because that's hilarious.