Tuesday, January 01, 2008

And an Admin Note!

Boyfriend is taking me to a resort outside Ruidoso for a couple of days, neat neat neat. I am too excited about it, actually. I never go anywhere and I ain't had a single day off from work since last Christmas, and that vacation I spent with my parents. While I do love my parents very, very much, it isn't the same as a proper adult vacation, you know?

I will turn comment moderation off while I'm gone so y'all don't get hassled. (Genni! If you see anything super-shitty posted here, can you oblige me by deleting it mucho pronto? Everyone else!--If you see anything super-shitty posted here, can you please not feed the trolls? I don't get very many trolls, as a rule, but the ones I do get are hungry, oh so hungry. Please be spiteful and starve them to death. It's how I would want things.)

Happy New Year, everyone!


gennimcmahon said...

Oh, to get away, you lucky, lucky woman! I hope it is absolutely wonderful and that you return with a sense of refreshment and rejuvenation. Or, that you have a lot of fun. Whichever you want.

[Loading my Troll Popping weapon as I type. I've got it under control, not to worry!]

nezua said...

happy new year, ilyka.

Chris said...

What about teh menz?



gennimcmahon said...


Margi said...

Ohmfngawd! You're back? Ruidoso? Le rowr rowr! Happy New Year, kiddo. And when you get this comment, could you please e-mail me? I want to pick your brain about MT. Please?


michele said...

Good for you! Enjoy and happy new year!

Magniloquence said...

Hooray for adult vacations! And good on the boyfriend for getting you out of the house. :)