Monday, December 10, 2007


Anyone who sparkles this much on the YouTube ought really to be lighting up a Broadway stage. It's ALL gorgeous, but Sudy's reading of the infamously ignorant "hee hee, Tabasco!" comment damn near killed me.

(Hey, guess which Mexican state my part of the world borders? OMG they named it after teh Taco Bell dog! LOLNACHOS!!!)

I'll have more to say about this later--lots more. For now, I'm just content to be in awe.

(Thank you, Problem Chylde and Egotistical Whining.)


gennimcmahon said...
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Chris said...

You're an optimist, genni. Not That There's Anything Wrong With That.

Sudy is my hero today, much needed on a day when I have discovered I don't exist.

ilyka said...

Dude! WHAT were you doing at Majikthise in the first damn place? I just don't know what we're going to do with you, Mr. Clarke!

That post is part of a trend I despise: Conservatives attack with "Look at this utterly insane idea The Left is pushing!" Dumbass fauxgressives respond with, "We do not either push that idea! Libel! Strawman! We actually push THIS idea, which is mere micrometers to the left of the idea YOU'RE pushing!" This, despite the originally referenced idea (1) being not insane at all and (2) enjoying broad popular support.

So: Fleeing from popular positions and pretending that no one support them--this helps how again? But no, I'M the agent provocateur. Okay!

ilyka said...

s/b "supports." Damn it, will someone PLEASE come up with a nice new blog name for me so I can get the hell offa Blogger and into a cozy little domain of my own?

Chris said...

But no, I'M the agent provocateur. Okay!

OMG She ADMITTED IT! Look, everybody! She TOTALLY ADMITTED IT!!!!eleven!

wolfa said...

Oh, I can be totally helpful with blog names. Have you considered Ilyka the Girl? Ilyka the sage? Fantastically Ilyka?

You know, an awful lot of American places (even the ones with English names) sound weird to speakers of other languages, and don't ask how many people mock your entire country name (and mine). But it's so weird that *Mexico* would have food named after places, because nowhere else does.

I am totally in love with this video. My blogroll has been so enhanced by your links. (Sure, I could find things myself, but I am lazy, and rely entirely on links or comments.)

Chris said...

Makes sense to me about the names of Chihuahua and Tabasco, but I still don't get why they named Veracruz after the girl I sat next to in third grade.

KMTBERRY said...

CHRIS CLARKE DOESN'T EXIST !! I have long suspected this.


Yes that "Show Trial" WAS too pat.

Vox said...

Mexican states get all the cool names. My home state was named after a chain of pizza kitchens.

Magniloquence said...

New names? I thought you already had one. ;)

Agent Provacateur "Yeah, I said it. Now what?"

You could totally take the one I keep saying I'm going to do, and be Both/And, but a) I suspect *someone* has taken it, and b) I like the first one better.

Or you could just migrate wholesale onto wordpress *hint hint hint.*

Donna said...

Agent Provacateur would be a good blog name!

Genni you need to cross post here sometimes. Like this one that had me spewing coffee through my nose.
Get me a dousing rod...

Nanette said...

Okay, that was funny (the dousing rod post). Also, Sudy's video is great... I can't wait to see the next ones. She's very talented.

I am so happy you will have lots more to say later (about many things), Ilyka.

Oh, hey... I don't exist either, I guess. Mind you, unless I am reminded of it, Majikthise doesn't exist for me either.

ilyka said...

Can't put too much over on Genni, no. And of course, that wasn't Feministing's first "buh-wha?" moment in that regard.

Headless torsos: Bad and creepy when you're fighting breast cancer. AWESOME when you're selling books.

Oh, hey... I don't exist either, I guess. Mind you, unless I am reminded of it, Majikthise doesn't exist for me either.

See, Chris?--Like THAT. Listen to Nanette!

gennimcmahon said...
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