Sunday, June 03, 2007

Theriomorph Wastes All my Damn Time

First it was the Jackie Chan video, which only led me to more Jackie Chan videos. Why didn't I think to look for these goodies on YouTube before? Oh, right!--Because I wanted to GET THINGS DONE in life.

And then it turns out Theriomorph and I have similar tastes in music.

Anyone who attempts to deny that this is the greatest video in the history of the world will be shot.


Chris said...

You know the best thing about that EW&F video?

If anyone ever asks you what the difference between modern and postmodern is, you point 'em at that video and say "that's modern, and this is postmodern."

Theriomorph said...

NICE one!

Jackie, I love you. I LOVE you. Did you hear me? I LOVE YOU!

I bet he’s never heard that before.

It’s true, I didn’t get a lot done yesterday, what with the very important multitasking and everything. But it was Sunday, and I'm glad I made you happy, Ilyka.

Long live EW&F!

Sweet Julieta Venegas torch passing, too.

Theriomorph said...

(Jackie is never a waste of time.)

doctressjulia said...

This video made me happy! Thanx! I am bookmarking your awesome blog. :)))