Saturday, June 02, 2007

Blogger's Done a Bad, Bad Thing

I don't know why I thought this was a good idea. I really, really don't.

Wait! Don't click that up there without something to fortify you first. The video below is neither a cover nor a bad song. It is not a real video and the imagery is boring, but be grateful for that, for many images are interesting in only the most horrifying ways. Drink and be quenched, drink and be sustained for the long road ahead.

Which road is very, very bad and wicked. Again: I am so sorry.

Also a helpful prophylactic: Every codependent's theme song!

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Lesley Plum said...

It's not even the music in that thread that his giving me the hives. No, it's remembering wearing plaid skirts with clogs and a poncho. Why? What cruel twist of fate caused me to be in junior high school during that era?

I had one pair of clogs for years. I remember loving them at the time, but I think back at them now and shudder. They were blue suede and lined with fleece. I swear, I wore them EVERYWHERE. My mother tried, bless her, to get me to wear different shoes, but no. With the single-mindedness that only a pre-teen can evince, I refused.

Fortunately the 80s came and rescued me. To a land of day-glo colors, plastic jewelry and... Oh hell. No, there was just no good fashion decade for me until the 90s.