Saturday, May 19, 2007

I'm Sick of Working Weekends

I want my damn time back.

For those of you who do have the time to be reading and discussing, you will not do better today than:


Piny. Also, piny.


Nezua (Note to people weary of The Book Thing: NOT ABOUT THE BOOK THING! Don't say I never break up the monotony.)

And if you have a minute go congratulate Sylvia on having completed her first year of law school. Lawyers, look out!

UPDATE: And my other favorite law student, who I missed before because I tend to spaz when I realize piny's posting again.

I can't tell anyone what to do, and I'm often guilty of being a Pollyanna about the world, but my feeling is that Jill deserves fair hearing. Her ability to write honestly has always been something I've admired and envied.