Monday, April 02, 2007

Instances in Which I Am Just Barely Able to Overlook Sexism

Okay: In my perfect world, Snoop would not describe his female lawyer as "riding for her pimp." She went to law school and passed the bar, Snoop; furthermore, she fought your battle on Bill O'Reilly's show while you did whatever it is you do on your off hours. Show some respect.

We do not live in my perfect world, however, so I'll take what I can get.

And rock on, Lauren Lake.



Y. Carrington said...

Snoop has the nerve to call O'Reilly a "prick" (no argument there), yet he can't see the connection between his own sexist stereotyping and Bill's racist stereotyping? How must Lauren Lake feel after seeing her client refer to her as one of his "females?"

I'm with you, Ilyka---show some respect, Snoop!

ilyka said...

How must Lauren Lake feel after seeing her client refer to her as one of his "females?"

I hope she just made a mental note to bill him extra for that.

I noticed on rewatching the video that the Dutch host is no better, initially referring to Ms. Lake as a "girl." You know, she's one of those girl lawyers, like a girl detective but with more education! Ugh.

Still, it was very sweet watching her serve O'Reilly. Delicious, even. He's such an ass and she made him look even more of one. Go, go, go!

Anonymous said...
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Clio Bluestocking said...

Snoop needs to be "pimp-slapped." (I use that term because he likes to identify himself as a "pimp".)

I don't watch O'Reilly, although I've seen his No Spin Zone thing, and, damn, it was like even he didn't beleive his own crap. So, I am wondering, does he always conduct interviews by making his own point, then, before the other person can get two (I counted, 2) words out before he begins talking over them, loudly? It's just obnoxious.

nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez said...

i find it disappointing how my hip-hop collection has soured ever since i began paying much more attention to misogynist speech and issues. i can't even listen to some of my old favorite songs anymore. i'd love to even find the instrumental mixes. or some more talented hip-hop artists who don't feel the need to sound strong by hating on women. i have a little girl in the house. i can't be playing this stuff out loud. you think that interview was bad? holy shit. try listening to Lollipop or I Miss That Bitch. Damn. It will never cease to amaze me how a song can love and hate a woman at the same time.

Kai said...

Yeah Snoop's misogyny is pretty offensive and makes him a motherfuckin prick too (sorry, Ilyka, not trying to disrespect your site, just using the lingo). I'd like to have a sitdown with Snoop myself, "man-to-man" in his worldview. In Chinatown. To quote MC Jin, "y'all gon' learn Chinese / when the pumps come out, y'all gon' wanna be Chinese / I think you should / come to Chinatown / get lost in town / end up in the lost and found / eyewitnesses? you must be crazy / we don't speak English, we speak Chinese."

All kidding aside, I must admit some pleasure in hearing O'Reilly treated with proper disrespect. To me that's just appropriate.

But the misogyny is intolerable. And I must say, Nez, it's not love-hate. It's just hate with a love-disguise. And it's not just for your little girl that you can't play that bullshit; it's for your own ears and mind too. None of us can dance to misogyny, with or without daughters.


nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez said...

kai i have to think that somewhere in there is love. just that its all twisted up with fear and whatever else makes a person comfortable with singing lyrics like that. hell, maybe you're right. but that makes me very sad.

and yeah, you're right. it's for me i turn it off. i cant even hear it when she's not in the room. i just meant her life coincided with my thinking about all this more and growing uncomfortable with hearing it more and more until i can't play it anymore.

which is a good thing.