Friday, March 23, 2007

So Glad I Moved Here, Part 23

A lingering effect of my parents' decision to move the family to Phoenix when I was 12: I love the smell of wet dust in the air when it rains in the desert. It's kind of . . . you know.

I will leave it at that, as this is Not That Kind of Blog; plus it's Lent, and I've already been to confession once and I don't want to have to go again.

On the other hand, I have to go again anyway as part of my penance. Every three weeks! Ai yi yi. (For the same sin, my boyfriend had to say three Our Fathers. But remember: There's no such thing as patriarchy!)

Plus, it's Celebration of Female Desire week.

And I'm not a very good Catholic.


Craig R. said...

I never had the opportunity to compare seriousness of penance prescriptions when I was still considering myself as a practicing Mackeral-Snapper(tm) (I was usually dating non-RC girls in those days, and now I'm attending services at the Episcopal Church and am married to a Militant Agnostic (sm) )

But somehow it doesn't surprise me about the disparity.

Remember, you can add the disparaging of and ill-feelings toward Phonenian in your catalog of Things To Repent Of, so it won't be a total loss....

Auguste said...

So, let me make sure I understand this.

As penance for fucking, women have to...return to the confessional booth confess to - that is, discuss...more of their...fucking.

I think I may have discovered the patriarchy's secret plan.