Sunday, February 04, 2007

At Last, Something to Look Forward To

Hey! How come I'm only just now finding out that Prince is doing the halftime show today?

Oh, right: Because I never follow sports or entertainment news. But geez, one of you could have told me.

In celebration I present the best Prince song ever. There will be no arguments about this. Like the oily sheen of misogyny clinging to Michael Douglas, it just is.

UPDATE: Well! That was . . . hmm.


Rob said...

More like ho-hmm. I didn't see all of it but what I did see was an error-filled, sloppy game.

gennimcmahon said...

So, now, I can say, Prince has let me down. Disappointment isn't a strong enough word, and, and, why does PRINCE need to cover a Foo Fighters song? Is that utter insanity?

Let us not even discuss the game; my man has said Da Bears are dead to him now.

Lesley said...

Yeah, but the great shadow schlong was awesome.