Monday, January 01, 2007

Workout Plans Scuttled; End Times Near

Either I'm reading the cable guide wrong, or the cable guide authors have written it wrong, or . . . or The Food Network has really decided to ring in the new year with a six-hour Bobby Flay marathon.

Yeah, think I'll just go for a walk today. And happy apocalypse, everybody!


JackGoff said...

He's not that bad. Granted, they could have picked Alton Brown.

Having said that, Food Network and Animal Planet are my only spheres of television watching at the moment, so I am a dubious source at best.

A walk sounds perfect though. The computer is starting to become permanently attached as another appendage, that that just ain't healthy.

Sniper said...

And a great end of the world to you!

Incidentally, I love your blog, which I've been reading for months now - just never had urge to comment until today.

DirtCrashr said...

We gots no Cable so I don't know who he is, but my wife claims that if we just eat 100-less calories a day we'll drop ten plounds in a few months... How many calories in a Pilsner?

ks said...

They did, but at least it was the Throwdown show and not the one where it's just him (I really don't care for him). Jack is right, they could have picked Alton. It would have made me happy, anyway.

I watched the SciFi Twilight Zone Marathon most of Sunday and Monday.