Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Fun

Sheila fuses acting and blogging, or that is how I'm thinking of it, anyway. Go meet the cast of characters--so far Cat Lady, Pleading Woman, and Wings of the Dove Lady have been posted.

I think the thing I like best about Sheila is that she has so much fun just goofing around on her own. I like people who can be happy by themselves, who don't HAVE to have people around 24/7.

Plus, those Cat Lady glasses are killing me.


sheila said...

Ilyka - hahaha I'm glad you enjoyed them. I went kinda nuts.

Oh, and here's something hysterical:

Somebody showed up in the comments to the "Peter Gatien's Protege" character - and obviously thinks it's all REAL. He starts talking to the character (which is me) saying, "U live ur life as u want to alexa ..." etc. You'll see what I mean - go check it out - it's hilarious.

belledame222 said...
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