Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Catblogging: You Knew This Was Inevitable

The_stranger, originally uploaded by ilyka_damen.

Stray cat grooving on my ugly-ass slipcover. Hey, at least someone in this house likes it.

And an update: He isn't declawed after all (I'd taken the boyfriend's word on that previously). He's just extremely polite about not extending his claws at people. See what I mean? A very good boy indeed.

With any luck he has a microchip implanted that will allow the original owners to be found, and I won't wind up with a third cat. But you know how fickle luck can be.

In the meantime, I've treated all cats for fleas and, hey: Can anyone tell me about the efficacy or safety of over-the-counter anti-tapeworm pills? I should have asked that before I bought them, I guess.


gennimcmahon said...

Awwwwwww. At what point do we call it "collecting"? Oh, right, not until you have at least two in the freezer. You're safe. I think.

Sage said...

He's beautiful! I'm glad you're seeking out the owner though. I've lost a cat or two along the way to other homes. (And I always get them fixed!)

If I didn't have kids, I'd have a whole pride of the little furballs here. Currently I've got two permanents and two that are fed and housed by over-helpful neighbours who are teaching me to stop loving so possessively.

ilyka said...

I'm glad you're seeking out the owner though.

You and me both! I don't have a lot of hope that he's been chipped, but it's a nice option to have all the same. I just wish they'd had it 20 years ago.

Unfortunately the soonest I could get from the veterinarian's was a Tuesday 3:00 p.m. appointment. My two others are banished to the bedroom until then, poor things. If he's not chipped they'll do an FeLV test, so that's the next hurdle. If he's positive I don't think there's much I can do other than have him put down.

Oh, right, not until you have at least two in the freezer.

Yeah yeah yeah. :)

Chris Clarke said...

Stray cat grooving on my ugly-ass slipcover.

Rockabilly lyrics improv.

Dan said...

He's very dignified, at least in that picture.

I hope you do find the owner. "Lost kitty syndrome" is one of the many, many reasons why I very conscientiously do not let my cats go outside. Plus, it's nice and warm in here, and it's so rainy and cold and sucky out there right now.

And yes, that is a truly hideous slip-cover.

Sage said...

aka crazy cat lady

I actually did have one in the freezer once! My very favourite cat of all time died at 15 in the dead of winter, so we couldn't bury him. I wasn't going to have the vet incinerate him, so he stayed in a bag in the freezer until the spring thaw. Whenever we'd get out a bag of peas or something, we greet him, "Hi Oscar!"

He was a tortie Maine Coon cat with beautiful markings, who sat quietly on my lap anytime I worked on the computer. (Unlike my current lap cat who can't settle down for the life of him.) I always regret that I didn't get his one butterscotch foot stuffed as a keepsake, but then people would thing I'm really crazy.

Stacie said...

Oh, he is just beautiful!

The intelligent, well-thought out posts, well, I am commentless on those. But show me a cat and I break out the replies. I am so lame.

JackGoff said...

[steals beautiful kitty quietly in the night for nuzzling purposes]

Kaethe said...

I like your slipcover a lot more than my cat-scratched upholstery.

Good looking cat.