Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dear Northeasterners

It was kind of cute the first time, but, really, you can have your weather back. I don't mean to sound ungrateful; thank you for the loan of it and everything, but honestly, I thought it we were all clear that this was only supposed to be a one-time, remember-that-year-it-snowed-once? kind of deal.

Not that it's warm now or anything: Tonight's overnight low forecast is for 18 degrees Fahrenheit, too-fucking-cold degrees Celsius. I know I always say I like cold, and I do, but when I say "cold" I mean "the kind of fake cold that someone who has spent most of her time in the southwestern United States would call 'cold.'" I do not mean temperatures below 30, at all. That is not what I call "cold." That is what I call "insanity."

And just think: I almost didn't snap up that down comforter for a third of the retail price two weeks ago on the grounds that we'd "hardly ever need it." Ha! I say. HA! That down comforter and I are getting MARRIED. That's how tight we are.


wolfa said...

That's not even -8 Celsius.

Anyways, we now have our cold weather back (-22 overnight, which is -8 in Fahrenheit). Though I'd certainly go for a trade.

Chris Clarke said...

This is off-topic, I suppose, but you made me think of my all-time favorite post by my niece, and I always chuckle when that happens. So I'm sharing.

Ragnell said...

They left their wather all over Oklahoma too. When they take it back, we're going to try and slip a few twisters in there as a warning.

ilyka said...

Your niece had the far better setup, Chris. One more reason while I'll always suck as a political blogger: I can't work in a nothing-nothing about the weather to the current political climate.

Lesley said...

Dude, we've already re-appropriated it. It's only 19 degrees here right now. You'd think it was January or something.

You're now stuck with somebody else's cold weather. I'd find the bastards and force them to take it back.

Anonymous said...

It's not all that uncommon for it to snow in LC. Elevation is around 4000 ft so that's considered high desert. I grew up in northern NM at around 7000 ft and we had snow frequently in winter, and lots of it.

gennimcmahon said...

I'm sleeping under so many blankets it will likely cause some strange muscle development. Either that or I'll suffocate because I couldn't turn over.

Goddamn it's cold!

Rob said...

I'm to blame. A certain professional sports team I'm devoted to is causing hell to freeze over. You guys are like collateral damage. Sorry.

ilyka said...

I am rooting for your professional sports team to achieve final victory here, Rob, even against my idiot boyfriend's preferences (I can't remember if he favors the Colts or the Patriots, but personally I loathe the Patriots. Neither of us like the Bears).

Y'all deserve a break and Hell can weather the storm just fine, I figure.

belledame222 said...

Yeah, right, as if, blame us, when everyone knows you totally plagiarized our weather from us. We had a 70-degree-day just the other week; and why? Because YOU were STEALING all our COLD and SNOW. Everyone knows there's not enough miserable cold weather to go arou--

(steps outside)


Never mind.