Saturday, December 30, 2006

'Not an Oxymoron'

Such is the tagline to Christian Feminist, a blog I just found through my Sitemeter*. Not for everybody, perhaps, but me personally, I love it. This post on Biting Beaver's emergency contraception (and subsequent abortion) story may help you understand why.

*Yeah yeah yeah, like you never check yours. Please.


JackGoff said...

True Christians like that are something to be proud of, and even if you don't agree with them on certain aspects like science, they can at least be counted on to be descent people.

And Happy New Year, Ilyka!

PJ said...

Ilyka, thanks for coming by. I appreciate your recommendation.

To answer your question, I do know of at least one group (Jehovah's Witnesses) who don't celebrate Christmas (and indeed most holidays).

John said...

"Just to make it clear: I will not debate abortion here. I have my thoughts about the matter, as do we all. However, I am firmly convinced that as a Christian, it is none of my frakking business what anyone else does. It is not my frakking place to tell anyone they're going to hell, or they should die, for their choices. If there are consequences to be had, each one of us will bear them, and God is the only one who will decide."

That is a pretty concise statement on the Christian libertarian point of view. I personally oppose abortion. My wife and I had to make a decision and neither of us could end a life. Turned out to be a false alarm, but losing several the natural way (Nature, or God, doesn't seem to value the fetus very much) made us rather sensitive to the value and fragility of life. But I sure as hell don't want to set myself up to decide for someone else. It was too tough a decision, and it helped make us who we are. I would not deny that process to others, even if I don't think very much of who they became as a result (and that very much depends on the situation whether I'd think the abortion was the right thing to do - I don't think much of the family with 8 kids they can't support who goes on to have one more).

One of the best sermons that ever came out of our ultra-liberal preacher was on the "render unto Ceasar" passage. He said that Jesus was deliberately vague so that we would be uneasy no matter what stance we chose on an issue. What is due to Ceasar? And what kind of un-Christian ego do you need to have to set yourself up as Caesar? "I must decrease and He must increase, and all that, right?

And Jackgoff, why do you think Christians would not agree with you on science? We're a mixed bag, just as those on the left run the gamut from Dawkins to people who believe shit like this. I have a freaking Ph.D. in Chemistry, and I oppose the teaching of ID in science class (although I happen to believe in something like it) with every fiber of my rational being. But the biggest dicks in the scientific universe are the ultra-rationalists who over-state the reach of science. Those kind of people are directly responsible for the "scientific" dehumanization schemes of the 19th and 20th centuries, schemes such as Communism.