Tuesday, December 19, 2006

HUHO-ish? Or Just Dumb?

(Here's what HUHO stands for, and here's the first collection of tips.)

It's from, of all things, a woman who created a calendar of her son's messy diapers that I learned today of Lulu.com, a sort of Cafe Press for publishing--you can self-publish books, calendars, etc. using their software, then set a price and put it up for sale online. I'm sure I'm the last person on the internet to find out about this, because I'm always the last person on the internet to find out about useful tools, because I'm too busy checking celebrity gossip sites for new feats of adequicy from Lindsay Lohan. I don't know why that is. It just is.

But I'm thinking, in my fumbled way, that maybe the online feminist community could really do something with this--a collection of essays, maybe, the proceeds from the sale of which could be donated to a worthy feminist cause or, hell, some of our own who could use a little help, women with mounting medical bills, no insurance, and no income; women on welfare; women who are doing their damnedest in bad situations. I don't know, really.

Is this a stupid idea? Has this or something like it been proposed 17 times before already, only to get shot down as impractical, stupid, demeaning, or all three? That's what I don't know.

So I'm asking you. What do you think? Any possibilities?


Kristjan Wager said...

I'm fairly sure that lulu.com is pretty straightforward, but make sure to read the terms properly - especially the part about copyright.

KMTBERRY said...

THis is an AWFUL thing to bring up, but a never ending stream of FANTASTIC Feminist essays are avilable....all the time....for free.....on blogs. (Which is why I am always reading them!)

I think the product would have to be something that is NOT already available for free (that's why calendars are doing so well; useful, plus pictures you might not have ever seen).

I think the whole IDEA is good though; you just need to offer something not already available.