Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This Almost Makes up for my Mullet

It is SNOWING. Oh, it won't stay, and the flakes are microscopic, melting the instant they hit your hand, but I'm counting it. Snow, in the desert. Genni, I hope you are wearing one of your fabulous coats (have you seen her coats? This woman has fabulous coats).

Also, I just realized the von Trapp family is moving out. Who? The von Trapp family. My neighbors from Austria with the crazy little kid whom I caught trying to discipline my cat. In the comments to that post, Belledame suggested the little girl was merely modeling what she saw at home, and you know something, Belledame? I think you were right about that, because there was a night I almost called Child Protective Services on them. There is "child screaming from exhaustion and temper" and then there is "child screaming because parents are getting their beat on." Before I could decide for sure which it was, it stopped; but I never felt real good about the situation and I'll always wonder whether I should have called anyhow. Sad. Wrong. Terrible.

But oh, I'm so happy they're leaving. I thought they were merely cleaning up to decorate for the holidays, but no! There is a moving van and everything! This is wonderful. Please, please let a couple of students move in who will not be as obnoxious as the von Trapps. Drunken mid-week parties I can deal with. Crazy abused children who tear across the lawn shrieking and chasing bunny rabbits, doubtless to capture, kill, and boil them for supper--those, I don't do so well with.

This is a good day! Today I can pretend I do not have a mullet, even without draping the mirrors in black crepe first.


gennimcmahon said...

Oh, good gravy, I sold some of my fabulous coats and kept the rest and now just about all that's in my store is an embarrassingly tawdry (truly, take my feminist card away from me) DIY Little Big Girl dress that won't sell..the shrug is adorable, though, I've worn that part. The rest I'm too old for. Oh, the pain of future mockery is upon me...please, please don't tell the spinster aunt about my wayward path.

Oh, and, well, THANK GAWD you finally posted something, yeesh! I was about to die. Sympathies on the mullet. I'll give you the name of my fabulous hair person, who is a miracle worker with a messy house. She'll take you on if I give you the secret code word and my personal recommendation.

gennimcmahon said...

OH, and, actually, my house is old and drafty as all hell, so I'm wearing a fabulous coat RIGHT FUCKING NOW. I'm about to put on fingerless gloves and play Bob Cratchit.

belledame222 said...

ack, mullets. i realized to my dismay that i actually had one, some months ago, or sort of (it's harder to tell with curly hair, but i realized: that is what it boils down to, isn't it).

you probably don't have to hack it to the short level to get rid of its mulletesqueness. funny, i actually just got mine done yesterday--she was "blending" by adding angles and layering.

can't say this is something i'm happy to be right about. and i don't blame you for hesitating; it's not so much "don't intervene" (for me anyway) as "will this actually make things worse." sigh. yeah, really, please leave. poor kids, though.

Zendo Deb said...

Buy yourself a nice hat.... works for me most of the time.

Otherwise go back and get summer dyke cut number 1. It isn't summer, but the cut is so short in back no one will consider it a mullet.