Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I Have Great News

It turns out that playing with a kitten = way more fun than blogging. Like, exponentially more fun.

How's Sally doing? Oh, better, I guess, if you overlook the recent defilement of her sacred sleeping space.

Appropriating_Shane, originally uploaded by ilyka_damen.

But at least she's learned that if she chases the kitten, it is highly likely that the kitten will whip a 180 on her, and chase her ass right back. I felt terrible the first time this happened, but now I just figure she could use the cardio.

More (thankfully non-kitten-related) blogging tomorrow. If nothing else I'm at least going to take a stab at putting up a recipe for Lauren's project, just as soon as I tamp down this sudden craving for green curry.

Mmm, curry.


JD said...

This just reminds me that I have to get a kitten soon, before Tommy's too old to enjoy the crazy-stoopid, trouble-making company.

Shane's adorable -- Congratulations!

Craig R. said...

I'm just a terrible person -- If I had seen Shane do the 180 and start chasing back I would have been laughing too hard to breathe....

belledame222 said...