Sunday, October 01, 2006

This Post Could Save a Life

My troll's, anyway. I fear Gower may be on the verge of aneurysm:

what's that the sound of again, oh yes hypocrisy

when a conservative female blogger makes a snide remark about a female liberal blogger there's a ton of outrage

when a liberal male blogger calls a conservative female blogger a slut and brandishes what he calls a half-naked photo of her to prove his point that turns out to be a photoshop, there's a yawning silence... because that of course is not about the male patriarchy putting a woman in her place

as usual feminist ideals only apply to women on your side of aisle, and like all the other liberal ideals that claim to defend any minority...that only applies to minorities on the liberal side of the aisle, the women, blacks, gays who aren't, there's open season on them

My! And all this because no one's figured out a way to deport Nick Denton yet!

It pains me to have to explain concepts to conservatives that they should already know--indeed, that are central to conservatism--but for Gower's health I'll do it anyhow: Gower, there is no free lunch. Also, mugging people is wrong.

And what antifeminist conservatives do when they demand--DEMAND!--that a feminist get their backs the one fucking time they're willing to acknowledge that, well, all right okay, I guess sexism maybe sort of kinda is still a problem, is the equivalent of a mugging, because what's supposed to happen is, I give them my support as a feminist and in return I get nothing. If anything I get less than nothing, because my support does not immunize me from being attacked later on by that very antifeminist.

There actually are people who will give you something for nothing. A Mormon missionary will happily hand you a free Book of Mormon. A Scientology drone would be delighted to give you a free personality test. Feminism, however, is not religion, and I am not its missionary. I don't have to do a damn thing to help someone stab me in the back later.

Here is what I think about what happened to Michelle Malkin: Exactly what you'd expect me to think (if you were anyone but Gower). I think it was abhorrent of one of Denton's boobs to steal another woman's photos, paste Michelle's head onto one of them, and then go "ha, ha, hypocrite" at her. I wish some people who are still referring to the photos as though they might be real would get off the fence about that because, please, they clearly, verifiably aren't, and using modifiers like "allegedly" to describe them just makes me think you're hedging because you wish they were real, because wouldn't it be so cool if Michelle Malkin really had been a Girl Gone Wild? And I say to you, no, no it wouldn't. It would be terrifying.

So with any luck my troll has learned something. Here is a short list of concepts I hope he has learned:

*** Feminists can say "sexism is bad, even when it happens to other sexists," without being obligated to hop in their Feministmobiles and peel out to rescue a sexist victim of sexism.

*** I do not wish to party with Michelle Malkin under any circumstances.

*** Nick Denton is a very embarrassing person.

*** Ken Layne is a sad and mentally ill hack (I hadn't actually got to this part, but just pretend that I had).

*** I hadn't got to this part either, but:

I don't consider it pointless to hold up a mirror to liberals who think racist ping-pong ball jokes are respectable discourse. The Wonkette editors slimed me with that in response to a light-hearted Vent episode I did on the lack of conservative speakers at commencement addresses. For not laughing along with their senseless abuse, I'm considered a prude.

I don't consider it pointless to note that the hate-filled cowards at Gawker Media have a pattern of repeatedly smearing and attempting to humiliate me. I have ignored most of their petty, pointless jibes. But I would not let Friday's attack go unanswered. For responding to their idiocy, Wonkette guest Ken Layne accuses me of being a publicity seeker.

You posted the picture. You engaged in gratuitous insults. You had nothing better to write about.

But how dare I respond.

--Michelle is absolutely right about all the above. I don't blame her for having "cyclonic indignation" over this at all. Incidents such as this one are why I don't and will never post a photo of myself online. And I would urge anyone still snickering and whispering that well, maybe it isn't a Photoshop (seriously?--please cease being stupid) to consider that what goes around, comes around.


Gower, Voice of Reason said...

No aneurism sorry but that was very nice. Not because I care about Malkin or feminism or her in a bikini but because after a bit of prodding, you practiced some of what you preached to the other side.

And believe it or not, I 'troll' as you put it the 'right wing blogs' from the liberal point of view as much as any others trying to get them to practice what they preach and yes they hate me just as much as you do.

But then ideals without consistency have no meaning.

JackGoff said...

PA marc was getting together a list of things liberals condemn to help concern/pedant trolls like gower out. Mayhap you should visit it.

ilyka said...

Not because I care about Malkin or feminism or her in a bikini but because after a bit of prodding, you practiced some of what you preached to the other side.

Um, Gower . . . ?

Chris Clarke said...

Yes, but when a far-leftist male like me stands up BEFORE Malkin even responds, and condemns in no uncertain terms the offensive racism and sexism with which these alleged liberals smear her, as opposed to smearing her words and actions, does Malkin give me any credit for doing so? Does she link to me, thus sending thousands of readers to my blog and, um, hmmm.

Never mind.

ilyka said...

But think of all the death threats you missed out on!

Um, yeah. Probably for the best.

Alecto Erinyes said...

but the real question is where can I get a Feministmobile?