Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Plastic Nightmare

Keep a groin punch cocked for anyone who swipes your check card repeatedly. Otherwise, $5610.00 later, you may be wishing you'd just stayed home and fixed yourself a sandwich instead of going out for pizza.


Darleen said...

As you may recall, we had in July a few days well beyond the 105 mark... one day (and I have the photo to prove it) it was 112.

Next month, spousal unit walks into the bedroom and was so white as to almost disappear into wall (he's already Aryan blonde, so it was startling to see him so evermore white) and hands me electric bill ... Edison cheerfully bills us just a tad below 4 figures...

Uh..no..nada...hold the phone..we didn't use THAT much!!!

We grab flashlight, go out and wadda yaknow... friggin misread meter!

Bill was really $425... $250 this month. Still that moment of sheer blooddraining panic is enough to want to go drive a car though the Edison offices.

JD said...

Did you ever see this one?

Tell me if I'm exaggerating in my comment.

Cat spray . . . *shudder*

ilyka said...

Hahaha--uh, no. No, you aren't. I say that as the one who had to tack up sheets of cellophane all along the bottom borders of the living room drapes.

Every. Week.

What this did to eliminate the odor: Nothing.

What this did to protect the curtains: Oh, I suppose it was better than nothing.

How completely embarrassing it looked: Oh, very.

How annoying that chore was: EXTREMELY.

ilyka said...

Don't even start me on the every-2-days ritual of administering subcutaneous fluids to that cat so he could LIVE LONGER and SPRAY MORE, either.

Man. It's a miracle I own any cats at all after that experience.