Sunday, September 24, 2006

Okay, Now I Must Change This Template

I'm not sharing it with this one. Oh, no no no.

UPDATE: I wonder what these women would say about the Great Lie of Feminism?

According to HRCP, an estimated 70-90 percent of Pakistani women have suffered some form of domestic violence—ranging from beatings and rape to maiming and murder. Shahid became aware of these practices while researching forced marriages for the Lahore-based daily Khabrain. The so-called “blood marriages” (vinni, from the Pashto word for blood) are forced unions between rival clan members in parts of northwestern Pakistan. They settle disputes, restore honor, win forgiveness, and turn mostly minor girls—some as young as 5 years old—into servant-mistresses. Tribal jirgas, or assemblies, order the unions. One girl above the age of 7 or two girls younger than that are an acceptable compensation for, say, murder. The girls become the property of the victim’s family.

Yeah, but you know, the right not to have your husband throw acid in your face is just so much bullshit, don't you think?

The acid burns the hair off their heads, fuses lips, melts breasts, and leaves the victims blind, in agony, unrecognizable, and scarred for life. According to the independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), at least 211 women were killed in 2002 and countless others maimed when their husbands threw acid in their faces to punish them for disobedience. In Urdu, the acid is called tez ab—sharp water. Some victims say that it is worse than dying.

But is it worse than the boy crisis in education? That's what I want to know!

Forced marriage article via Pakistani Women.

It's interesting what you turn up if you Google Blogsearch "feminism"--in this case, one daft fact-challenged blogger who will not or cannot blame her resentment in her marriage on anything but big, bad, ugly feminism, and one blog about women struggling to attain the same rights that same daft blogger takes for granted. It would be sad if it weren't so . . . no, I'm sorry. It's just sad, period.


Anonymous said...

You know how sometimes you're in a shop, and you hear someone say something so ridiculous (like that story about the girl that stuck Spam up her cootchie to turn her boyfriend on, and it later got all maggot-y? Like that?) that you smack your forehead and think: "Just not worth correcting them over"? And so you mosey on and leave the bewildered, ingorant muppet stating why they will never, EVER again buy spam?

Yeah. Her site is like that.

I think it was this quote that did it for me: Since I began writing my blog, I have received so many accolades from men and like-minded women, thanking me for doing what I’m doing.

Yes dearie. It's like you gave a fucking kidney and solved the nagging problem of those flood waters in Bangladesh. Now climb down off that cross and let's talk like real grown-ups that haven't had the ego inflatable raft trip.

Or maybe it was this one: It’s not that women can’t run Fortune 500 companies, or countries, for that matter. Any fool can learn a skill set. It’s that our biology doesn’t give us the necessary drive.

"A skill set", my Little Poppy Seed of Wisdom? A SKILL SET? Clearly someone's been out of the loop for a looooooooong time in the corporate world. Being a manager is hard work for both men AND women. And being the CEO takes more than a skill set, but you just go on and keep telling yourself that you could do it (any fool and all), you're just a wratchet short of a Toolman Case and we'll all play nice.

Disagree with her in the comments, and you get called a "fat lonely blogger" in one section, or derided for not being apologetic enough as a woman in another.

Truthfully? I feel sorry for her. The terms "clutching at straws" comes to mind with her writing (as well as the thought that sentences without verbs are BAD, Kelly Mac. And if you keep having sentences with no verbs, it's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to read). You go on and blame feminism for your bad marriage, then, if that's going to get you through the night.

And while you're at it, better give the Spam a miss.


Auguste said...

And now you're sort of sharing it with this classic...this is a win-win change for you!

Darleen said...

poor Kelly seems first to have absorbed the worst of 60's feminism (men BAD) now is in the clutches of the laughable "men's rights movement"

She's needs to dump "movements", work on her own issues and stop blaming everyone around her.

Even an adult abused as a child has to step up to the plate and take responsibility for their choices as an adult.


Beth said...

THAT was a "trainwreck."

Helen's right--not worth correcting. That's just scary stupid.

One of the mouth-breathing commenters said "feminists think all women feel the same way." Haha. How much you want to bet those people (I use the word loosely) can't figure out why women don't like THEM? 'Cause GAWD, only "feminazis" want to simply be treated with respect! Regular women don't!

I almost wonder if that blog is just a parody.

ilyka said...

I wondered whether it was a parody myself, but hell, if it is, it's the least-funny parody I've ever seen.

Beth said...

OK, you know me. I like pretty templates. I hated the old one anyway, but I hate all the Blogger stock templates.

Let me find you a new free one. And I promise it won't be busy (like mine are). Can I?

Beth said...

Yeah, probably not a parody. There's no "tongue in cheekiness" in it. (See: Iraq War Wrong Blog)

Susan B. said...

Okay, so she's upset with feminism. In response, what does she do? She goes running into the arms of the masculinist movement.

Out of the frying pan, into another frying pan...

Moira Breen said...

She's needs to dump "movements", work on her own issues and stop blaming everyone around her.

I think that pretty much covers it. I got the strong impression that if something hadn't planted the "feminists ruined my life" seed in her punkin' haid, she would have been all "recovered memory" or "the sixth-grade nuns ruined my adult sex life" or "alien anal probers" or something.

But ya know, I really shouldn't laugh. I know people like this. They really do seem to have a critical-thinking deficit, and buy the snake-oil from the first proselytizer to step up to their doorbell. And when they run out of that, they answer the door again, unless some caring relative or friend put up a "no solicitation" sign when they weren't looking. So, in a sense, she may be right that some nasty dumb feminists (who certainly exist) filled her head with nonsense and "ruined her life". But if all the nasty dumb feminists disappeared, or never existed, she'd still have the same old problem.

But for the love of mike, could someone please explain to me the bit about feminism telling her not to talk honestly to her husband because she musn't hurt his ego? 'Cause that just hurt my head.

belledame222 said...

best. anonymous comment. ever.

Susan B. said...

There are some legitimate criticisms of feminism than can be made without sucking up to the men's rights crowd. This post is an example. I particularly agree with items 1 and 4. There are more (some really good, some really stupid) in the comments.