Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dweeb Threatens to Out Me Because of the Hypocrisy

A rare gem from the moderation queue, signed "Gower":

It's such a lovely day outside. Don't you think it's time we went for an outing?

I had the feeling, when Gower was making it apparent that in his/her young world, "coding" equals "3l33t CSS skillz d00d," that I was dealing wtih a commenter somewhat lacking in maturity. Oh, Gower may be 60 for all I know, but mere years on earth do not an adult make, as I'm sure I don't have to tell anyone. Anyway, if I had any doubts about the maturity level I'm dealing with here, the comment above killed 'em, stone dead.

This has always been exactly how I feel about the new-fangled pasttime the kids are digging on these days, this "outing" craze--take it away, Gavin:

. . . these guys commonly seem to lack a sense of proportion in their bwa-ha-haa antics. They don’t (or can’t) see that calling someone a fucktard on the Internet is harmless, while meddling in someone’s real, non-Internet life is malignant and despicable. It makes you a bad person — whereas even the most stupid crap you say on the Internet can only make you a poster-of-stupid-crap-on-the-Internet.

It hasn't really come up here but since I've seen it elsewhere, I'll just say: Yes, I apply that to Althouse too. I've heard the argument that because she's a teacher, and because some of her students may be young women, that therefore . . . uh, the way she treated Jessica, you know, she could do that TO A STUDENT.

To which I say, she sure could, but you don't know that she's going to and what is this, Minority Report: Madison Edition? And also and especially and one more time, what Gavin said: Stupid crap on the internet. That's all it is, ultimately--just more stupid crap on the internet. I might get very exercised about it and you might, too, but the internet is where I think it should stay, personally. We already know it has a huge crap capacity; a little more won't hurt it none.

Well, let's hope the hypocrisy police don't cart me off. Stupid crap, all right.


Gower, Voice of Reason said...

Nice try but that's not me. "Lovely day?"

It doesn't even sound like me. Sounds more like one of your chick friends.

Neat trick. Lock down the comments and smear me with fake messages.

How low can you get?

ilyka said...

None of my chick friends are obsessed with my hypocrisy and threatening to out me, so I'm going to rule out "one of your chick friends." Anyway, it isn't a fake message, and if I have to send it to Blogger and request an IP for it, I'll do that.

And then I'll check it against yours. Because you know what the problem is with trolling a small blog? You stand out.

Auguste said...

Gower, you're so full of shit.

I, on the other hand, suggested in a fit of rage that UWM be contacted regarding Althouse's behavior. Clearer minds than mine have convinced me otherwise, but if it were ever appropriate, Ilyka, I think that sexual harassment would be the circumstance.

From my male-privileged perspective it seems like sexual harassment is THE issue on which words (on the internet or otherwise) are, due to their cultural and psychosexual power, pretty goddamned harmful, and those who use them (on the internet or otherwise) are really opening a window into their soul.

Gower, Voice of Reason said...

You know your chick friends better than I do. I just know that's not me. I never threatened to out you and don't know who the fuck you are.

You banned me so why do this now? Is this the only way you can feel like you beat me when you couldn't win the argument?

ilyka said...

No, it's not about arguments. I just want it made clear that I think outing's a pretty low road to take.

So what other stupid crap have you read today, Gower? Drop me some links.

belledame222 said...

Hey, frootbat-troll: you know, there are ways of tracking you down as well; and generally speaking, people -really- don't take kindly to being outed or ever threats thereof. And yeah, it's not just a question of you threatening this one woman; it's an ethical code. One Ilyka takes especially damn seriously; and there are others who are inclined to back her up and reciprocate with this. Whatever your game is, it doesn't amuse, and playtime is over.

But you know what: if it's not you, then perhaps you might want to make yourself scarce: some joker is apparently impersonating you, and it sure would be too bad if you got the hammer for it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! What a twit this idiot Gower is.


Gower, Voice of Reason said...

I don't know about any outing stuff but if someone really did impersonate me I'll register a stupid fucking blogger account. Why can't everyone use Wordpress anyway.

JackGoff said...

Hmm, sounds like a complete moron who thinks he's hot shit? Definitely gower. The fuckstain.

ilyka said...

Why can't everyone use Wordpress anyway.

You have a point there. Look, here's all I ask:

1. Don't tell me the blog's shit and then spend all day on it. It makes you look dumb.

2. Don't send any dumb threats to anyone.

3. Pick a name and stick with it. You doubtless know I can't see IPs via blogger, but I can see them from Statcounter and do the math [insert "wimmen can't do math" joke here] from the pages hit and the timestamps. The thing is, I'd rather not HAVE to. You can be the resident voice of reason here or whatever but, please: One name.

belledame222 said...

Fifteen. Sixteen, tops.

ilyka said...

I have decided, and the booze has only a little bit to do with this decision: Gower is resident troll, provided he don't cross no lines (see prior comment) and sticks to one name. I mean, you're nobody until you got a troll. EVERY blog has a troll. Lauren has David C. Thompson, Twisty has Mandos, Sadly No has Gary Ruppert (even though I'm 99% sure they made him up)--damnit, this blog may have only a handful of readers, but nonetheless I assert: This blog needs a troll.

Besides, think what Gower could do for my template! I mean come on, this is obvious.

No outing, though, or I post more John Denver videos.

Auguste said...

Posting John Denver videos is a worse outing (of musical taste) than anything gower could do to you, anyway.

Chris said...

My blog is so pathetic I need to be my own troll.

Maybe if I changed my hair color. Advice? Red, maybe? Whattaya think?

ilyka said...

It's not that your blog's pathetic, Chris, it's that no one wants to find himself inserted perfectly into The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.

You scare people, man, and you don't need red hair to do it.

belledame222 said...

John Denver is one thing. I am still reeling from the WE LIKE THE CARS, THE CARS THAT GO BOOM. have you no shame, woman? is there no depth to which you will not sink?

Chris said...

You scare people, man


JackGoff said...

You don't like the scary lovin?