Thursday, August 31, 2006

Question for the Left

When exactly are you going to figure out that it's your blogs driving Townhall's traffic?

Seriously. I am not going to say no one on the right reads that shit, because if you sort links by freshness (in the image you'll see I sorted by authority), you find a few hangers-on to Wizbang linking to

Then again, I can't remember the last time I read Wizbang. I believe I gave up after they linked video of an underage girl masturbating. Hey, I just noticed they cleaned that up, meaning, the link isn't there anymore. On the one, stronger hand, GOOD. On the other, weaker hand, some of us never forget, perverts, and personally I hope you took it down 'cause you got sued all to hell.


Zendo Deb said...

sued crap... they should have been prosecuted

Darleen said...

I don't think I had even discovered Wizbang two years ago ... so I like it today

Kos has his own problems...including disappearing diaries that "look bad" the ones recently mocking Centanni and Wiig.

But I like townhall because I that's where Dennis Prager's columns reside.

Malibu Stacy said...

Ah, Wizbang, the Old Country Buffet of blogs. Heaping, steaming trays of bland conformity artlessly presented, but damn, it's cheap and filling!

Auguste said...

I don't want to, like, wallow, but since the link that you provided for "background" is now 404'ing...what, in the most general of terms, the fuck were they thinking?

ilyka said...

Google "psycho girl video" and hit the link for See, apparently if you internalize the patriarchy enough that you do yourself on your webcam in order to seduce your wayward boyfriend back into your underage embrace, you're the psycho. Not, you know, all the middle-aged pantsloads who DOWNLOAD it, nor the fuckstick ex-boyfriend who uploaded it in the first place. You, the 14-year-old girl, are the psycho.

Patriarchy is awesome.

ilyka said...

As for what Kevin was thinking, I expect it was "this oughtta be great for traffic." Considering that 2 years later that video's still easily found, I'd guess he was right.

Auguste said...

Google "psycho girl video" and hit the link for

Thanks for the info, and I trust you won't be terribly offended if I don't do anything of the kind.

ilyka said...

Not at all. I watched about half of it, back then. It made me cry. Damn girl just wanted her boyfriend back is all. It's depressing enough without the dramatic conclusion, "And then he uploaded it to the internet for dudes to wank to."

Gower said...

I hate to interrupt your self-righteous kick but you just mentioned the video and gave everyone directions how to find it.

How are you any different than Kevin?

Oh wait, I know it's because you're 'against' the patriarchy. Right?

I just bet it makes a lot of difference to that girl that when you directed people to her video, it was to be against the evil of evils patriarchy. Maybe you can tell her that yourself.

ilyka said...

How are you any different than Kevin?

This is a disingenuous question, and you know it, but I'll answer it anyway:

1. Unlike Kevin, I'm not running a mega-traffic blog. Maybe 20-60 people read me regularly and the rest of the hits come from Google searches.

2. People who read me?--Don't want to see videos like this.

3. You'll notice I provided no direct link. I certainly didn't HYPE IT, like, "Hey, guys, this is hot!"

I just bet it makes a lot of difference to that girl that when you directed people to her video, it was to be against the evil of evils patriarchy. Maybe you can tell her that yourself.

I'd tell her two things:

1. Someone who really loves you would never upload gifts you give him to the internet.

2. Steer clear of Gower, who's obviously none too bright if he or she can't see the difference between me and Kevin Aylward.

Right, Kevin Aylward? I mean, Gower.

Craig R. said...

As for you "posting directions," I was not aware that blogspot had finally rolled-out the "The Blog will force you to view all links/indirect directions posted" feature.

You know, I thought that there was still the option of "if I don't want to see it, I won't open the link."

(and I think I get a shootload less traffic than you do)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I never realized that the ethical issues regarding the content you direct people to is dependent on how much traffic you get.

I guess if you're a small blog then you can link to anything and it's okay but if a big blog does it, then heavens to betsy, it's the ultimate evil, right?

You know if you had any integrity you would have removed your comment after I pointed it out, instead you accuse me of being Kevin since obviously anyone criticising you must be really Kevin in disguise. Paranoid much?

At the end of the day there really is no ethical difference between what you and Wizbang did. You both told people about a video involving an underage girl and told them how to find it. Except Kevin was more honest about exploiting the girl, while you exploit her to further a feminist agenda. which is worse really?

It would be more honest of feminists if they didn't pretend to be helping the very women they're exploiting to score some points against that nebulous idea they identify as the patriarchy.

Craig R. said...

Well Anon-"not-kevin", have you finshed trying to thrash the StrawFeminist(tm) yet?

belledame222 said...

Ilyka! You are now all feminists! goddamit, i was wondering why i was suddenly having this strange "merged" feeling.

well, good, i'm glad we sorted this out, cause i gotta pee, and well if we are the hivebodymind then, well goddamit, let's get it together here, shall we?