Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It Would Never Work

Hmm, seems longtime misogynist and aspiring chef Steve H. has been making eyes across the internets at one Ms. Meryl "Master of Juvenile Scorn" Yourish.

I can't think of a union I'd rather see, nor of one less likely to work out.

Leaving aside that Steve (a) isn't Jewish, (b) blames women for everything, and (c) owns two pet birds (+ Meryl's two cats = feathers everywhere), I think the chief obstacle to this union is that Steve never met a recipe he didn't feel compelled to tinker with.

Steve's perfectionist culinary impulses + Meryl's tried-and-true latkes recipe = KITCHEN ARMAGEDDON.


Anyway, two Mel-mockin' links for Meryl, because a woman who works as hard as she does deserves a good laugh:

Q: What was Mel Gibson drinking before he was arrested?

A: A few of his personal favorites.

The Passion of the Christ-tini
3 parts Alizé Wild Passion
2 parts Gibson Gin
splash blood

Serve in the True Grail, with olives on a penny-nail.


The State of Israel was arrested Friday on suspicion of drunk driving and disorderly conduct. According to a report by the arresting officer, Israel — a country in Western Asia on the southeastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea — was belligerent, swearing uncontrollably and hurling epithets at Hollywood star Mel Gibson.

Enjoy. I have a date with a whole buncha lemon and garlic to get to in the kitchen. And I don't need Steve's advice on any of it, thanks be to heaven.

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