Thursday, August 10, 2006

For Helen: Sad Moonbat Salad (Insalata Moonbata Triste)

4 small tomatoes
1 red bell pepper
3 golden pepperoncini
3 large artichoke hearts
1 cucumber, seeded
1/2 red onion
crusty bread
1 C sadness
2 T moonbattery
1/4 C peace, love, and understanding

Hack bread into chunks about 2 cm x 2 cm. Combine with all other ingredients except parmesan, sadness, moonbattery, and peace/love/understanding; toss well. Top individual portions with previously excluded ingredients.

It is said by the ancients that if you eat this salad on a muggy evening in late summer, you will dream of Noam Chomsky that night.

Serves 2-4 hungry Communists.



Auguste said...

I must protest. Parmesan and sadness cannot coexist.

Caltechgirl said...

looks yummy, except I think Moonbattery must taste pretty bitter.

Auguste said...

With all due respect, it's wingnuttery that tastes bitter. Moonbattery tastes like chicken.

ilyka said...

The parmesan was indeed pretty happy. So was the gorgonzola we put on the steaks, but Helen being a vegetarian and all, I didn't photograph those.