Monday, July 10, 2006

Please Stand By

Having survived a weekend of unbelievably bad video, and only scarcely having recovered this very morning from the unearthing of footage of actual Mormons performing The Mormon Rap (what are you trying to do to me? What?), I was all set to post a few items when I was suddenly buried under an avalanche of stupid.

Posting will resume when I can dig myself out. Offers of help gratefully accepted.

UPDATE: The avalanche?--That was Roxanne's fault.


Meryl Yourish said...

You could post about how Blogger is so fucking annoying that it makes you sign up for a blogger account for comments but IT STILL DOESN'T FUCKING HOLD YOUR INFO IN ITS MEMORY SO YOU HAVE TO KEEP ENTERING THE SAME FUCKING THINGS OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN ANYWAY, SO WHAT WAS THE POINT?

Sorry. I'm done now.

Hubris said...

Internet bad (present company excluded, natch). No miss internet.

Meryl Yourish said...

Please take previous comment, and substitute "Internet Explorer" for Blogger.

Firefox remembered me.

Firefox rules. IE drools.

ilyka said...

Firefox rules. IE drools.

Ain't it the truth. You know what else I love about Firefox? I can set it to disable links that want to open in new windows. If I could broadcast one message to bloggers, it would be this: QUIT MAKING YOUR LINKS OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW. I WILL DECIDE IF I WANT TO OPEN A NEW WINDOW OR NOT.

The thing is, I know the rationale is that this way I'll spend more time on their precious, precious blogs. But it doesn't make me do that at all. It makes me do the opposite.

I used to set all my links on journalspace to open in new windows, but I realize now what a tool I was for doing that. Now if only everyone else who does it would see the light.