Thursday, July 27, 2006

Love Affair with Smallish Desert Town Continues

How could I ever leave a place so adorable? From the page of one of the local parishes:

VISIT OUR PATRONESS PAGE! Here you can find a short history of our patroness and a prayer for the intersection of Saint Genevieve.

That is just so wrong.

But adorable!


belledame222 said...

Just to say wrt post above:

1) You're right; welcome wagons would be way better

2) hope this isn't a signal that you're signing off. I just started reading you not long ago but I like your style and I like your blog.

I totally get the despair thing.

just to let you know: fan here.

Anonymous said...

Literacy is not, sadly, chief amongst the skills of the Las Cruces Catholic set. It's quite likely that the version written in Spanish proves functional illiteracy in not one, but two languages. Yet, when sweating out the chile at Chopes, you can find room to forgive. At least, this is my prayer for you to receive intersection from enchiladas.