Saturday, June 24, 2006

Tribute (I Have No Taste in Music)

"Tribute (Right On)" is a little song from the late 1980s by a group called The Pasadenas that I suddenly half-recalled from my younger years at the so-convenient hour of 3:00 this morning. Unfortunately, when I say "half-recalled" I really mean more like "could sing a couple lines from the chorus." I did not remember the band's name, nor even the full name of the song--I knew "right on" was in there somewhere, maybe even in parentheses, but what was the first part?

Search engines are very handy things that I could no longer live without for long, but I'll know technology has really come a long way when I can just sing a couple lines of the song at the monitor and have it turn up what I want. There is currently no way to do this on Google. I know. I tried. But wouldn't it be nice if there were?

Me, possibly inebriated: Hey! Hey, Google?

Google: Yes?

Me: You remember that one song?

Google: Please narrow your search terms.

Me: That one song, it was like, about Motown . . . and Philly soul . . . and it was all, "Right on, right on"--

Google: Please narrow your search terms.

Me: It went something like, "Ike and Tina (right on, right on) - Aretha Franklin (right on, right on)"

Google: Searching . . . .

Me: "And the Jackson Five--"


Me: Sorry. Anyway, you remember that song? Came out about . . . oh, let's see . . . I remember the video and I'm pretty sure I was still living at home at the time, but I think I was out of high school already--or, wait, no, maybe I was still--


Me: Yeah, that's it! Thanks, Google!

Anyway, they don't have this song on iTunes. And according to at least one reviewer, it's not even that great a song. It is

a decent if rather generic uptempo cut that paid homage to soul luminaries such as Smokey Robinson and Marvin Gaye.

"Rather generic?" I was all set to get angry about that when I remembered that former Mormon girls who still listen to Andy Gibb necessarily abandon all claim to knowing anything about music, number one, and number two, what's lower than a music critic?--The outraged fan who criticizes the music critic. I believe the hierarchy goes something like this:
  • Pond scum
  • Music critics
  • Outraged fans who pile on music critics
  • Poseur Mormon girls who think they are very punk rock for stealing their mothers' wedding skirts and spending their free time writing several-page letters to the editors of Creem magazine, demanding they personally apologize to Joe Strummer for pissing him off.

Anyway, scroll down here for the video to the song "Tribute (Right On)" by the Pasadenas. I know none of you asked for this, but I'm a giver. I should warn you, the video contains toxic levels of 80s-ness. I mean it really didn't age well. I mean there were times during my attempt to watch it that I actually had to look away. And I did it all dramatically, too, with one hand over my eyes and a faint moan of distress.


Melanie said...

Oh, honey, that is horrible. I'm right at the age I should remember this one - I graduated from high school in '86 - but somehow I believe I was either spared the agony of the first time around, or I've succeeded in (blissfully) blocking it from my memory - -

But, gee, thanks for catching me up!

...going now to try to forget all the other boy bands who followed...

ps - Like the new format! Glad to see you posting!

Beth said...

Dammit, now I'm on a mission to FIND this. I haven't looked at the video yet and I don't remember this at all (although I was into rock then, not top-40-ish stuff), but I have a mission!

Beth said...

OK, I watched the video, and I don't even remember hearing the song EVER. And you're right--80's videos are AWFUL. I had to stop watching, and just listen (for as long as I could stand it!).